The Easter Bunny!

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti /

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti /

Ok so this isn’t what I originally had in mind to talk about today. We’ll get to that next week or on my other blog. I was down at Disney on Saturday with the kidlets.  Yes I went to Disney on a holiday weekend. Not just a holiday weekend but Easter weekend.

The entire month of March is spring break for Disney and Easter weekend can be the biggest weekend there is.  So guess what the house of mouse does. They throw the Easter bunny a parade. Yep. That’s right, the Easter bunny gets his own mini parade at the park. A mini parade with music by Judy Garland:

That being said, who is the Rabbit who has convinced the entire world that he and he alone can provide egg filled candies on one day out of the year?

No seriously this has got to be the best job ever.  Once a year kids eagerly await  their baskets. Easter baskets are serious business. Cadbury’s has had the market cornered on Easter egg like chocolate candies. Well in my house they are at war with Reese’s eggs (the man loves those).

Did the bunny simply walk up to the powers that be who might rule the world and say “Hey, I’ve got an idea that will makes us tons of money and make me famous.” ?

Is there just one mythical bunny who only emerges at Easter? Or, is it really Santa dressed up as a bunny? Does he do it because he’s jonesing for the high of kiddy happiness?

Even the chickens have gotten in on it. Hard boiled eggs anyone? I’m pretty sure  no one cooks that many hard boiled eggs on a regular basis.  Yet on Easter weekend many a household will not only boil at least a dozen eggs. They will also take painstaking care to decorate them.

So, who is this rabbit? Why is chocolate in egg form  or rabbit form so important? Isn’t he disturbed by people eating a chocolate version of himself? Why is he forcing us to spend time with our families?

I’m really not complaining. I love my family. ( Well I am complaining a little bit. In the US you guys don’t have Monday off and there is no Bequia Easter Regatta)

Happy Easter Everybody!


4 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny!

  1. Great post, pal. I’ve always wondered about all the candies that tempt kids to bite the heads off of animals. A little weird, no?

    Hope you’re having a happy one!

    • I have! Just got home and sat down. We’ve definitely got a few chocolate bunnies that will be decapitated soon. It’s weird but so delicious!

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