Catching up – Open Thread …

Hi all!

Sorry I’ve been AWAL lately. My day job has been hella-busy AND my writing life has gotten wonderfully fun.


I try not to let my writing side creep in here too much, but I do have one piece of news that is too good not to share. I recently received and accepted an offer of representations from Jita Fumich at Folio Literary Management. It is so much fun to have someone excited about my writing and willing to get behind the sexy SciFi romance series I’ve been working on.

Other stuff I’ve been up to…

Recently attended an all day workshop with Bob Mayer.  Bob is a fantastic speaker and has wonderful insight into the changes in the publishing industry. From a SciFi fan point of view, Bob has a great Area 51 series of books and I picked up a copy of Nightstalkers. Bob did share that he is working on linking all of the individual series he has written into one larger world of linked books. It will be exciting to see how that works out!


As for my consumption of SciFi media I have been sulking over to the Falling Skies website over and over, hoping the news of when it will return will magically change to TOMORROW.  I miss SciFi on TV!

In this mean time, I dug up Farscape on HuluPlus. I only got to the first episode, but it seemed pretty fun. It is an older show and seems to have held up well. They only real problem I had with it is that it stars Ben Browder and Claudia Black. I watched them together on SG1 (which they did after Farscape) and it felt a little déjà vu, but not so much that I won’t watch more. It is also available streaming or on DVD on Amazon.

So… what have you been up to? Please consider this an open thread to fill me in! ….

19 thoughts on “Catching up – Open Thread …

  1. I miss some of the older SF programs too. Somebody remarked that my SF book was very similar to Firefly and I had NO idea what they were talking about. That was until I caught a couple episodes and a cast reunion on a Dish channel. Just shows me how much I’ve really missed out on in the past decade. Too busy writing the stuff to watch it.

    • I think that happens to writers alot. The writing becomes consuming. Especially if you are still working a traditional job along side of your writing career. Some things have to go. But I also believe it is important to fill the creative well with story and inspiration for your imagination, whether that is scifi tv or a walk in the Arizona desert or lying on your back staring on the night sky.

  2. Sweet! Congratulations!
    Me? Writing as usual. Put a serial sci-fi story on my blog to drive the smart girls crazy! Nothing much else. Glad to hear things are going so well for you.

  3. Congrats Charlee!
    I love Farscape, more so than Firefly which I finally got to watch a few weeks back. Some of the episodes are completely insane, but at least the creators tried to keep it fresh.
    Me, I’m waiting to hear back on two submissions, prepping a third, and getting ready for my debut novel’s book birthday in May, and a new release in June. Oh, and my 20th wedding anniversary too. Not getting much writing done, which is driving me insane!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! So happy to hear your good news.

    I’ve been watching Stargate. I only watched it intermittently before so I got a cheap DVD set and thought I’d watch it.

    Writing a lot. I have decided that 2013 is the year of getting manuscripts done.:)

  5. Let’s see, I finished a novel and got it out for sale, my first try going independent (been with a small press), became a grandmother to TWINS (AWESOME!) and finally saw The Hobbit (I haven’t been to a movie in a theater since last summer when I saw The Hunger Games. Would not let me until I finished my book.).

    • Congrats on your first indie book. That is an awesome achievement! What’s the title? How is it going?

      Congrats on Grandmotherness. Enjoy!

      • Can you tell I’m catching up on blogs today? Was just hitting your tipping point blog. LOL Okay, the book is romantic suspense, not SFR. It’s called Relatively Risky and I did a soft launch, hoping to build momentum, because I did not know when I’d be able to release, what with all the grandma stuff and my hubby had surgery the end of January. So far, it seems to be building nicely. I chose RS for my indie adventure because (sadly) my RS audio books are selling 3-1 over my SFR. I do have a PLAN for this series (this is the first book) that will include some SFR, though. I’m hoping to lure readers into my SFR. Call this book my gate way drug. LOL!

  6. I love Farscape. Took me a couple of episodes to get into it (and I had the same problem with Claudia Black and Ben Browder), but I really enjoyed it. Had a great romance aspect too.

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