Podcast Reviews: Table Top and On The Table

March 30, is Table Top Day. So, in preparation for the event , I thought I would do an investigation into web series that explore the world of Table Top Gaming.

Table Top the web series is available from Geek and Sundry, the same web network that does Space Janitors. (New season coming soon!). Table Top is hosted by Will Wheaton. Each show features Wheaton and guests playing a table top card game. The highlight of the show is seeing a variety of guests from TV shows, movies, and general media playing games together, talking about themselves, their hobbies etc.  The show covers  games such as Alhambra, Gloom, Castle Panic, Settlers of Catan, Dragon Age and Munchkin( as discussed in an earlier post by Charlee).  Although the show is billed as a way to introduce gaming, I am not convinced that is the real audience. Unless you have already done some role-playing games or related strategy games,  the show would be somewhat difficult to follow. And you need to have a passing interests in the sort of geek culture that surrounds Geek and Sundry to enjoy the conversations and jokes. Still, it shows some games that perhaps you haven’t got around to playing and encourages you to try. For me, it means I really, really need to sit down and play Settlers of Catan at long last.

On the Table is a new shows covering the world of gaming. Based in the UK, and produced by the Beasts of War website, it is  now available at Geek and Sundry. Each episode gives a run down on games available, discussing rumored new works, and lists local gaming conventions. They also give overviews of crowd sourced efforts for game creation. I have to admit I found this really interesting and it introduced me to a wider variety of games that I had thought available. The only criticism- the background music for some reason was really loud; almost drowning out the host. I would hope they could correct this problem.

Site: Table Top (the web series) http://tabletop.geekandsundry.com/
On the Table ( the web series)http://onthetable.geekandsundry.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/geekandsundry
Twitter: @GeekandSundry
Availability: YouTube, Geek and Sundry site
Audience: General

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  1. Castle Panic is so much fun! My brother is a huge fan of Wil’s show and bought Castle Panic because of it. We sat at the table and played it for nearly five hours one night, and only quit because it was after midnight. We were SO into it and would actually panic when walls went down.

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