Grimm Going Strong In Season Two

I’m happy to report, most of my grimm-er predictions for season two of NBC’s popular Friday night series, Grimm, have not come to pass. The most important positive one has—Monroe is still an important part of the show. I still love that guy!

Back at the end of season one, I made some Grimm predictions about the turns the show might take. Most of them based on the terrible way I’ve seen other good shows go bad in the sophomore season. My predictions that Juliette and Hank would fade from importance have, I’m happy to say, proven completely wrong. These characters are more involved than ever and the show’s ratings continue to exceed expectations.

Grimm has also continued to keep to its formula of monster mystery of the week with a dash of ongoing story. It is a formula that kept shows like Star Trek (in all its incarnations) going for years and I hope that’s what will happen here.

One thing has changed, and I’m not sure I like it—the opening title sequence. What do you think of the new one? And in case you forgot, here they are:

Season Two:

Season One:

Grimm airs Fridays at 9PM on NBC and is available on and Amazon instant video.

7 thoughts on “Grimm Going Strong In Season Two

  1. I ❤ Grimm – one of the must see ASAPs on my DVR (because I never watch live TV anymore). I agree with you on all points, and would like to add the revelations about the (hot) Capt Renard keep me coming back for more, including the tension between him and Juliet – even though I DO NOT want her to cross the line with him.

    On the opening sequence – they've fixed it. Sort of. The first few episodes of the season, I think the phrase my husband and I agreed upon was "total cheese-fest". If I hadn't seen season one, I'm not sure I would have made it past the intro. But since they've taken away the crazy voice-over and changed up their images to include all of the continuing story threads, I kind of dig it. Well, it's growing on me, at least.

    I wish some of their CGI (esp with the vessin-ism, or vessin-morph, or whatever) was a little less cartoon, but I can't image they've got a whole lot of time to focus on that for a weekly show. Maybe with greater ratings they'll get more funding and can spend a little more in that department (I have the same complaint about ONCE, btw). But it doesn't bother me enough to change the channel.

    And yes, I, too, love Monroe. So glad he gets to have a little of his own Mon-Romance. 🙂

    • The Juliette story line has had me a little tense, too. No line crossing, please! On the CGI – sometimes sticking with the just-good-enough is the best path. Shows that spend too much on effects and look too good are often to expensive to thrive. I always think back to Star Trek. It never had the best effects but it kept SciFi on TV for many years.

      I ❤ Monroe! Loved his house in the Halloween episode. Ha! And looking forward to his sweetie being back on screen more. Maybe in season 3. I think the actress was very pregnant for most of season 2 filming.

  2. I may have to switch from The Walking Dead to Grimm. True Blood lost it for me by the third season and I’m already bored to death with The Walking Dead – and you know how passionate I was about the show. Sigh… Where am I going to get my fantasy/scifi/horror fix?

  3. Grimm is on opposite Fringe and I don’t have a way to record one : ( So I’ve been missing Grimm, for the most part. I LOVE Monroe tho and feel very guilty ; P

  4. I love Grimm! The storyline with Juliette isn’t the best, but I’m super glad that Hank’s onboard with Nick’s perceptions. And Monroe’s roll is just adorable.

    Also Fringe fan. Not so happy with the turn of events for the final season, but hanging in there with them.

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