Grimm Going Strong In Season Two

I’m happy to report, most of my grimm-er predictions for season two of NBC’s popular Friday night series, Grimm, have not come to pass. The most important positive one has—Monroe is still an important part of the show. I still love that guy!

Back at the end of season one, I made some Grimm predictions about the turns the show might take. Most of them based on the terrible way I’ve seen other good shows go bad in the sophomore season. My predictions that Juliette and Hank would fade from importance have, I’m happy to say, proven completely wrong. These characters are more involved than ever and the show’s ratings continue to exceed expectations.

Grimm has also continued to keep to its formula of monster mystery of the week with a dash of ongoing story. It is a formula that kept shows like Star Trek (in all its incarnations) going for years and I hope that’s what will happen here.

One thing has changed, and I’m not sure I like it—the opening title sequence. What do you think of the new one? And in case you forgot, here they are:

Season Two:

Season One:

Grimm airs Fridays at 9PM on NBC and is available on and Amazon instant video.