Calling all romance readers!

And especially the SciFi Romance readers!

Some of you might know that I have a problem with trying to do too much. When I disappear from the blog for a while, you can usually count on me being up to something. This time has been no different.

My local chapter of RWA has been revamping our award for published books. One of my biggest concerns has been trying to make it possible for the contest to accept entries in electronic format. Many of RWA’s published novel contests require ebook authors to print out and bind their ebooks to enter. Ugh!

Our biggest obstacle to accepting the electronic format right now is finding reader judges willing to read PDF files. So, I’m asking everyone to help me spread the word that we are look for reader judges. Also want to note here that if readers sign-up to judge electronic format only and the contest doesn’t end up accepting electronic entries, they are not obligated to judge print books. We’re going to make a call on this by December 1st so I need to spread the word fast. Here is my pitch (aka plea). Please feel free to quote it or link back.  I’m also willing to do guest posts or interviews about the contests. Just drop me a line to my gmail account: charleeallden. Thanks!

Romance readers, we need you! The National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award (NERFA) is a brand new award created to celebrate the best romance novels of the year. With hundreds of new romance titles published each year, we need your help to find the books that sweep you away and take you on an unforgettable journey.

If you read and love romance, then you’re exactly the person we’re looking for to be a reader judge and help us select the books that will be awarded the NERFA. We’ll give you the books and you read them then complete a short score sheet. The books are yours to keep and you get to choose the number and type of romances you’ll read between February 8 and March 15, 2013.

Find out more about NERFA or sign-up to judge at

If you have questions, contact us at We hope to hear from you!

Charlee Allden, 2012 NERFA Judges Coordinator

The National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award is sponsored by First Coast Romance Writers (FCRW), a Chapter of Romance Writers of America®.