June Announcement for Smart Girls Love SFR

june2We are shaking things up on the blog this month. For the month of June, we will continue to have Echo’s great SF Obscure posts and her interviews on her regular schedule. She has Maria Andreas and Susan Grant on the schedule, so be sure to look for those! Riley will have a few reviews for us as usual and she will be interviewing the Prism Award finalists on her blog: Whiskey With My Book.

So what is the change? That would be me. I know you all love the SFR roundup, but I will not be doing them this month. Sorry! I have some other, important things to share. I’ll be posting about the great SFR venues now out there and giving you some tips and tricks to navigating some of the retailer websites  to help you find SciFi Romance novels without the roundup.  Why?

Charlee2013Each year around this time I do a bit of thinking about the blog, why I started it, how well it’s reaching readers, and naturally, I also think about how it fits into the schedule of things I’m doing in other areas of my life. We’re now wrapping up our sixth year of Smart Girls love SciFi Romance and things have changed in our favorite genre. It’s grown! Yay!

Six years ago I was talking to a handful of SFR fans and authors about how we could shine a spotlight on the awesomeness that is SFR. Today, there are dozens of SFR releases each week, major blogs including SFR news and content, new SFR targeted websites, and new readers discovering the genre every day.  We’ve come a long way, baby! I’d like to think SGs love SFR has played some tiny role in helping the genre grow.

StealingMercury450Another thing that has changed is that I’m now trying to kick off an indie author career. I released two books last year and was thrilled at the response.  I love writing SFR as much as I love reading it—and I want to write more.

Echo and Riley have been fabulous this year, taking on more responsibilities for the blog and putting out great content at a consistent pace. They seem to handle the blog better than I do, these days! Fitting it into their busy schedules. Echo is also an author and blogger and Riley now has a blog of her own. If you haven’t visited Whiskey with My Book yet, I highly recommend it!

clockBut… even with their help, the blog consumes a chunk of my time. And as long as I continue to work full-time, time will be my most precious commodity.  There are always more things I want to do than I have time for. For six years, the happiness I’ve gotten from contributing to the SFR community through the blog has made spending the time absolutely worth it. With the growth of the community and kicking off my indie author career, that calculation has shifted. It’s time to pass the torch. I’ve had a great time blogging and getting to know authors and readers, but I feel now like I can safely leave you all in the hands of other great websites, blogs, and Facebook groups dedicated to SFR. It will give me more time to write and allow me to participate more in the SFR community in other ways. Don’t hate me for being a selfish space-monkey.

June will be Smart Girls love SFR’s last month. I hope you’ll stick around for the great content we have planned over the next few weeks and that you’ll consider following Echo, Riley, and me in our other online endeavors.

With much love,


UPDATE! Veronica Scott has volunteered to pick up the Wednesday Roundup feature on her blog https://veronicascott.wordpress.com/. Be sure to follow her for your next SFR read!

21 thoughts on “June Announcement for Smart Girls Love SFR

  1. I will miss working with you Charlee and with Echo. Thank you for letting me be a part of this fabulous blog for the last year!

    • All thanks right back to you! You’very helped make this our best year. I’Lloyd miss the blog, but I’must also happy to be going out on a positive note.

  2. I have loved my time with this blog. The community is wonderful and I have learned so much from blogging.

  3. I’ll miss the blog, always a terrific resource on all things SFR! But I wish all three of you well going forward and of course I’m looking forward to more books. Best wishes to everyone involved and thanks for all the time and effort you’ve invested in the blog over the years.

  4. Sorry to see you guys close shop. Have enjoyed visiting as there are few outlets for SFR. Thanks for the fun columns and for having had me as an author interview. Dean off! Dean out!

  5. Oh no! This is the second of my favorite blogs to fade away into the net in the past month. *sigh* I will miss this blog but will definitely continue to follow y’all where ever you go. I like to think we have become friends – as much as one does in this world.

    Good luck in your future endeavors . I am sure they will all be amazing!

    • Pansy, your encouragement has always been much appreciated. I hope we can keep in touch through social media or on my much neglected author blog. 😉

  6. This blog introduced me to the world of SFR, and a contest here precipitated my involvement in the community (reading, reviewing, handling administrata). I’ll always be grateful for how it’s changed my life. Good luck, Charlee!

  7. Thank you, Charlee (and all the Smart Girls) for this wonderful blog. I have enjoyed it so much and discovered some really great new authors and reads. I will miss it immensely. *sniff* But, change is inevitable and necessary if we are to grow even though it can be painful. Best wishes to all of you in your future endeavors. I will look forward to reading more of your work and seeing it featured as THE new SF Romance that everyone MUST read. Good luck to all!

  8. Thanks, Charlee for all you have done on Smart Girls Love SFR. This was one of the best blogs out there for the genre and I am going to miss it! Good luck you you as an author. I’m sure we will be reading great things from you in the future.

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