Romance and Sex and Something Different with Susan Kearney

Please welcome NYT bestseller Susan Kearney to the blog today. Susan was writing SFR before it was cool! Right now The Challenge, the first book in her Rystani Warriors Series, is FREE. In fact, the entire series  will be on sale everywhere through 5/19/16.


by Susan Kearney

I wish I wrote books that everyone loved, but that’s impossible. We are human, individuals, and we have different tastes, so different kinds of stories appeal to us. I’ve always loved romance books and I have written historical romance, contemporary romance and romantic suspense. I’ve even written a Star Trek book. But my favorite genre is futuristic romance, romance set in the future. This genre started my writing career and I guess I love it because the possibilities are literally infinite.

My futuristic stories are always about the love relationship between a man and a woman. It’s not about the technology, it’s about the people. About falling in love. I guess what attracts me about the future is I can create not just the romance, but the worlds my characters live in. I can explore social and ethical differences and I can test my characters’ strengths and weaknesses in ways that simply can’t be done in the present day.

When my alien hero, Kahn, abducts an Earth woman, Tessa, to take an alien Challenge to determine if Earth can join a Federation of planets, the outcome will affect the lives of billions on two worlds. It’s Kahn’s job to train Tessa, to bring out her psi powers so she can succeed. That’s not a scenario I could write in present day USA. But to me, even more interesting, is the conflict between an alien culture and our Earth culture. There are differences in ethics, and compromises have to be made. But there are also core values that must be tested, unlike what could be done here on Earth.

Now, this futuristic genre is growing. Human fascination with love in the future has been touched upon in many popular movies, but in the book world, it’s still considered a niche market. Yet, I still have hopes that the interest in romantic space stories will explode. Tastes are changing. And the Internet is exploding.
Best of all, it now costs nothing to try a new genre. Just a bit of time, but perhaps if you read The Challenge, you’ll like it. And then you can go on to read the rest of my four- book Rystani series. So download a free copy today.

Susan Kearney’s Rystani Warriors Series

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  1. I hope Ms Kearney is able to make book 1 also free on Amazon Australia. Pretty please??

  2. I’m going to check out The Challenge. Not only because it is free SFR but because I also I really enjoyed Ms. Kearney’s Pendragon Legacy series. With a name like ‘Pendragon’, you might think fantasy, but it is also futuristic romance. Well, maybe there is a bit of fantasy thrown in. 🙂

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