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Welcome Rosalie Redd!

After finishing a rewarding career in finance and accounting, it was time for Rosalie Redd to put away the spreadsheets and take out the word processor. She writes Fantasy/Science Fiction Romance inspired by classics from the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres layered with a good, hot dose of romance.

Her debut novel, Untouchable Lover, won or was a finalist in several contests sponsored by local chapters of Romance Writers of America.

She lives in Oregon, where rain is just another excuse to keep writing. When not at her computer, you can find her at Jazzercise, waterfall collecting in the Pacific Northwest, or relaxing with her husband and their pesky cat, Snookums.

SGLSF: What attracts you to the romance genre, particularly SF/futuristic romance?

ROSALIE REDD: Hi Echo, thanks for having me on your blog. This is a good question. I guess I’d have to go back to my days of watching the Young and the Restless as a teenager. (Please, don’t judge me…) I grew up on that show, watching it with my mom after school. I really loved how the characters interacted, the tension, the buildup, the first kiss. There was always a twist in the plot and the cliffhangers at the end of every scene kept me hooked. But that’s not a book, you say! Right, but it got me to pick up my first romance novel. I think it was a book by Danielle Steele and I moved on to other authors from there. Thanks to my dad, I grew up on sci-fi, fantasy, and horror classics by Herbert, Heinlein, Asimov, Tolkien, Poe, Shelley, Stoker, and King. It wasn’t too hard of a stretch to put the two together.

SGLSF: How do you get inspirations for your characters?

ROSALIE: Inspiration comes from many places. Sometimes it’s the guy in the coffee shop that paid for the next person’s coffee, other times it’s the cute guy crossing the street downtown, his jacket collar pulled up around his ears to stave off the wind. Once in a while, it’s a couple arguing in front of the checkout line at the bookstore. These people catch my attention, and I imagine them in a different place, a different time, and they work their way into the stories. They bring out a certain characteristic that becomes a defining trait for one of my characters. It’s kind of fun to watch the characters grow that way.

SGLSF: Do you remember the first book you read as a child?

ROSALIE: I wish I did! What I do remember is my mother reading me fairy tales. All those fantastical creatures from the troll in Three Billy Goats Gruff to the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood must’ve lodged themselves in my brain because, to this day, I love antagonists. It wasn’t until years later, when my dad introduced me to science fiction and fantasy books did I really dive in and enjoy the genre.

SGLSF: What is your ideal writing environment?

ROSALIE: A quiet place with some new age music playing in the background is where I prefer to write. This usually occurs in my makeshift office where I can look out the window and ponder how to increase the tension for my characters. Things have to get worse before they can get better in order for the hero and heroine to have their happily ever after!

SGLSF: Please tell us a bit about your most recent project.

ROSALIE: Untouchable Lover is the first book in the Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony series. This story takes place on Earth and on Lemuria, a planet in the Orion constellation. Alora, a Lemurian Colonizer, discovers Earth and sees value in the planet’s most precious resource—water. When she informs the council of her discovery, a spurned ex-lover challenges her for the right to claim Earth. In order to determine a victor, both must select characters from the challenge board and battle for supremacy. Hidden from the humans, the characters fight a brutal war, both sides vying for control. In the midst of the chaos, a king discovers an untouchable female, one who may be the last hope for his dwindling species and his empty heart.

SGLSF: Would you rather travel the far reaches of space or travel through time? Why?

ROSALIE: Space travel, hands down. There are so many interesting worlds out there yet to be discovered. Some will have intelligent life. What would it be like to go there, to meet an actual alien? Who knows, they might be as sexy as we dream them to be. That’s what science fiction romance is all about, right?

SGLSF: If you discovered someone close to you was a vampire, what would you do?

ROSALIE: Welcome them in and, to be polite, ask if they’d like anything to drink.




His crown or a forbidden female—one tough choice.

A devastating war…

Across the globe, shape-shifting Lemurian warriors battle against a deadly enemy in the dark of night. The prize—Earth’s most precious resource—water, and the fate of humankind. To unite the soldiers, Lemurian gods send the diverse species to the underground Keep to join forces with their brethren and contend against their adversary.

An illicit allure…

While searching for his missing healer, King Noeh didn’t expect to find an unusual, green-eyed female chained to the wall in an abandoned asylum deep in the woods, evidence of her torment in the branding iron at her feet. Captivated, he rescues the petite female and brings her to his underground home. Despite the requirement to select a queen of his species by the next new moon or lose his crown, a forbidden attraction blooms.

A tormented soul…

Haunted by the memory of her dead mate and child, Melissa can’t escape her past or her future. On the run from her controlling master, she didn’t intend to get captured by the enemy, or be rescued by a brooding, handsome king. When she succumbs to her need for a male’s blood and drinks from the honorable king, she can’t ignore the compelling desire he ignites in her soul.








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