Author Interview: RaeLynn Blue

RaeLynn Blue medium

ECHO: What attracts you to the romance genre, particularly SF/futuristic romance?

RB: What attracts me to sf/romance is the setting, the new conflicts and challenges that being in an otherworld or off world creates. For my InterGalatic Organization (IGO) series, I enjoyed the dynamics of finding love and maintaining relationships on board a starship with the diverse personalities and the fact the characters can’t get off the boat. They’re trapped with each other and in those external conflicts.

ECHO: Are you more plot driven or character driven?

RB: It’s a combination of both, but most of my titles, like IGO and Turbo Lift Love are character driven. The IGO has a fair share of external conflict too, but the shorter titles focus on the characters.

ECHO: What is your ideal writing environment?

RB: My ideal writing environment is at a café, with my earbuds on and my romance playlist going.

ECHO: What other hobbies or outside interests keep you inspired as a writer?

RB: I’m inspired by love songs, couples in real life, and people in general. I love to people watch and draft what types of romance and conflict came together to solidify them as a couple. There’s nothing more productive, then sitting in a mall and watching people come and go at the food court, or walking along shops. So much can be gleamed from watching people’s body language and interactions with each other.

ECHO: Please tell us a bit about your most recent project.


RB: My most recent project is a holiday book bundle with two other romance authors. The story isn’t scifi romance, but more urban fantasy. It’s called MISTLETOE DREAMS and it will be available for release on December 7,2015. Yet, I want to revisit my InterGalatic Organization (IGO) series, because one of the stories is out of print.


I’m also going to combine my Moonbeams & Stardust series into a boxed set. There’s about six titles in that series that I plan to put into one box set omnibus. That’s coming in April 2016.

ECHO: Is there a piece of SF fictional tech you think will be real in the next 50 years?

RB: Smartglass is already available, but in the next 50 years I expect to see its implementation into home use and businesses to expand and become more common place.

ECHO: Would you whether be telepathic or telekinetic and why?

RB: I’d rather be telekinetic! Being telepathic would be overpowering and perhaps even debilitating—hearing everyone’s thoughts. No, I’d rather have telekinesis so I can bring items to me or move them without having to get up.





Twitter: @raelynnblue