Alien Attachments: Rebellion

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Ria Montori looks all around her and sees love. Gina and Battista, her two human Support Agents are fawning over each other like psi-mates. Ria’s girlfriend Dani is irritatingly in love with her psi-mate Ian. It all makes her feel quite single. But really, dating is just not a priority.

What is a priority is being a kickass EP (Earth Protector). Ria may be of below average height, but she graduated 2nd in her class at the military academy. Personally, a petite heroine is not a surprise at all (said the 4’10” woman). It is all in the attitude. I like this character! Plus, she is a Doctor Who fan. I really don’t even need to know anything else about her. If she were not fictional, Ria and I would be pals.

Luckily for the readers of Rebellion, there is much more to Ria. The story takes off when she meets Ty Sordina. They instantly sizzle, before they even get to know each other. Problem is, Ty is Curzon, the enslaved people of the Mitah and Ria was formerly a member of the Sandarian military who Ty blames for his parents death. This is going to get complicated.

In Rebellion, one of the main story lines is that of the Curzon rebellion. Curzons are slaves on the planet of Mitah and have no rights of their own. The basis for Curzon slavery is that a) they were destroying their planet, so it had to be taken over by the Sandarians and b) they had no psi ability. If psi ability had existed, the Sandarians would not have had any right to the planet. But Ty has psi talent. Did it come from Curzons and Sandarians intermarrying? Or was it always there?

Not all Sandarians agree with the state of affairs and some have been helping the Curzons to live free.  Curzon’s are masquerading as legal citizens of Mitah. The Curzon underground been has growing steadily for many years, but things are about to come to a head. The man who killed Ty’s parents is killing Curzons again.  It is easy to cheer for the Curzons.  And it is not just because they are a wronged people.  It is because their enemies are just so vile.  Imagining malevolent sneers and evil stares is not difficult when it comes to these bad guys.

Ria and Ty get caught up in the Curzon situation. At first glance they are enemies. But are they really? I like how the complications of their romance mirrored the complications of the Curzon situation. The hope being that if one aspect resolved itself, the other would follow.

There are many great characters in Rebellion. If you have read Alien Attachments, you have met some of them. The EP team, the defecting Portal Masters and Balastar Alder are all part of Rebellion. I like the camaraderie of the EPs and the overall feel of family among the Cavacents and their employees.  The Portal Masters are still pretty mysterious, but in Rebellion, you learn more of the facts surrounding their mystique.  Balastar is a character that is hard not to like so I am happy to note that he is going to get his own story in the upcoming book 3 of this series. Liberation will be released in December. Rucon Cavacent has a meaty role in Rebellion which I was glad to see since he is the leader of the Earth Protectorship. And as you read, you might also consider this. Ms. Priestley does not write throw away characters. Everyone has a role to play, though it may not be immediately evident. Just keep reading.

While I am talking about characters, I will air my one complaint. The Sandarians and Curzons are very human. Earth-like human. USA Earth-like human. One Curzon says ‘That’s my name, don’t wear it out.’ Then there is a Sandarian who wears a tux. Both the phrase and the article of clothing seem quite un-alien in their origin.  On the one hand, I don’t like my aliens to be so alien they are unrelatable.  But on the other hand, I like to see a little more alien-ness in characters who come from other worlds.

Rebellion is a relatively complex book, with multiple plot lines going on. Some begin and are resolved within this book. Which qualifies the book as a non-cliffhanger and therefore quite recommendable.  There are also plot lines that are ongoing, beginning in Alien Attachments and likely continuing into future books in this series.

I think reading Alien Attachments first will be helpful in order to get to know many of the characters and to fully understand the political environment. The socio-political situation is the basis for all the story lines in both books and will doubtless provide fodder for future books in the series. I found the complexity to be very engaging and ultimately satisfying. Rebellion is a romance and much, much more.


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