Love Between the Covers-a documentary about Romance Authors

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Although this site focuses on science and paranormal genres, the core is still romance.  Every single one of us probably has hoards of paperback romance novels of our favorite authors (I have stacks of books by Lisa Kleypas and Christina Dodd).

Romance books are a huge part of the publishing industry. The readers are voracious, insatiable, and pretty darn astute. Tons of research and study is put into each novel, hours are spent writing and editing it, and there is a strong readership core. That screams nothing but solid success in my eyes. Yet romance authors and their readers are looked down upon. What gives?

Oh, romance books? Can’t get a man? (woman?)

You’re just reading soft-core porn.

Those aren’t “REAL” books. They’re just romance books.

Romance books aren’t taken seriously.

You have a {significant other),why are you still reading romance books?


Have you heard any of these barbs thrown your way? I have. And worse. I haven’t even added the raised eyebrows. Raised high enough for me place tooth picks on the eyelids. A book is a book. It was written by an author. I enjoyed the contents. Those naysayers can suck it.

Romance readers are a tight and solid community. I stand by my romance clans. My feelings on the genre are that solid. Romance has shaped, molded, broke, and created my fictional landscape.


Thanks to a friend in the industry, I have been notified of a special documentary titled “Love Between the Sheets.” It will be premiering at the Los Angeles Film Festival coming up in June.  The documentary followed romance authors for three years and came out with the same conclusions I had: the romance genre created a strong community.  What has me so excited to see this film is that one of my favorite authors, Eloisa James, will be featured in it!

From the trailer, it seems to focus around the historical romance genre. Science fiction romance is still a niche in the romance world. Let your inspirations take root and write down you stories! Eloisa+James+at+RWA+Conference

Just watching the trailer is just so thrilling. The people behind the documentary understood the power of romance readers. It’s not condescending or critical of the romance world. It celebrates what makes the community strong and what keeps it churning.

For those in the LA area, the scheduled screening times (as of now) are:

June 14, Sunday at 6:15pm
June 16, Tuesday at 5:25pm
Check out the trailer on the website and keep an eye out for it on your media outlets or local film festivals.
*If I get to see more behind the scene peeks such as these, I will be very pleased indeed…*


(photos and press information was granted courtesy of Blueberry Hill Production)

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  1. I saw it last month at the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto and it’s SO good! You can see most of the interviews on the website. Eloisa James is just amazing! I wrote a review of the documentary on my blog after I saw it! I really hope to see it on Netflix soon!

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