Supernatural is Back!

Yesterday, two of television’s most beloved brothers returned to our screens. Sure, one of them is an alcoholic demon who loves to sing karaoke and the other spends his days impersonating law enforcement officers and his nights reading up on possession in an underground bunker, but we love them none-the-less. It’s been ten years since the show about a family of demon hunters first premiered and it both pleases and irritates me to say that nothing that has really changed.

Sam is still on the path of righteousness: “I will find you and I will kill you and I will save my brother,” he promises Crowley with a low growl. Um, yeah, Sam. We know. You say that every season, to at least like, three different bad guys. Now that Dean has turned demon he’s back to his old ways – drinking too much, chasing women, hanging out in bars and picking fights. That was always my personal favorite version of Dean so I’m glad to see a return to his bad boy roots. He’s still managed to retain his cynical stoney-faced demeanor too, which is great, if you’re into that (I am).


And Castiel? Well, Castiel is sad. Castiel is conflicted. Castiel feels guilty about ruining heaven and starting an angel war. He’s in bad shape but that’s nothing new. He was so much better when he was new to Earth (and human), getting to know sex and hunger and having to do laundry, full of quips and confused faces, like a very handsome, trench coat clad baby. Now his plot line has stagnated around the fact that he needs his grace back. As in the case with Sam’s angst-ridden quest to do the right thing, I find myself saying ‘DUH!’

But my ray of light comes in the form of head demon Crowley, consistently the most clever, and the most nuanced character on the show. Bringer of evil, but also sometimes comrade and adviser to the brothers, and let’s face it, Dean’s only friend in the world right now.

Given that this is the first episode of the season, anything can happen but right now it’s moving slow with no real surprises. A new villain was introduced: some, in the words of Sam, “go army” looking guy holding a grudge against Dean who kidnaps Sam in an effort to lure Dean to his death. We don’t know who the guy is or how he was wronged or who he is working for but it hardly matters. Someone is out to get to the Winchesters and uses brotherly love to try to manipulate them. Just because we don’t know the identity of the perpetrator yet doesn’t mean this new plot line is very suspenseful. The boys have been here before and call me crazy, but something tells me everyone but the bad guy makes it out alive.

I’m a loyal girl though, so I’ll ride it out until the end with the Winchesters. I’m just hoping they make it worth my while.

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