Skin: would the zombie apocalypse make you more forgiving?

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In Skin by Kylie Scott, Ros thinks she is doing okay—as well as she could be, considering the zombie apocalypse. She is hold up with a small group at a college. So what if a few of her fellow survivors make her a bit nervous and the food is running out. There’s a whole town to be scavenged right outside the gate—if you don’t mind fighting off zombies to get to it.

Nick is an ex-soldier and he knows things are much worse than they seem for Ros. And considering that she seems to be the perfect woman for him to spend the apocalypse with, her predicament gives him an advantage. Naturally, instead of trying to meet her and woe her with an offer of a safer, better supplied home; he decides to prove to her how precarious her position is. He offers the others in her group food in exchange for her and they accept. Because that is a great way to make an impression on a girl, right?

She has no choice to go with him and when he realizes she will try to run away, he chains her to his bed. Literally.


Skin is the sequel to Flesh, a ménage story I posted about weeks back. I loved Flesh and thoroughly enjoyed Skin. Nick is a continuing character, but one we didn’t get to know previously. We did get an impression of him—not a very positive one. In the second half of Skin we return to the small town where the characters from Flesh are living, so we get to revisit them in a really good way.

Honestly, I found Nick a harder hero to love that the heroes of Flesh. He’s a bit of a jerk in that man who doesn’t understand women way. But he is also sweet and thoughtful in that same way. He’s the kind of guy that would install a security system in your house, get new tires for your car, then forget your birthday completely and expect you to spend the evening watching him rebuild his motorcycle.

It took some time, but I did eventually decide he was worthy of Roz. Right about the time he decided he wasn’t. That man is hard-headed (said with love). In fact, I realized that he is a lot like Finn from Flesh. Finn just had the good fortune to have the sweet, wise, wonderful Daniel to compensate for his hard edges. Ali is one lucky girl. But Skin’s heroine, Roz, does pretty darn well for herself too. I highly recommend both books for anyone who loves their apocalypse with a healthy dose of sexy romance. Skin is full of action, emotion, and edge of your seat moments of suspense.

I had the chance to meet the author at Book Bash in Orlando this summer. I found her to be kind and funny and real. She is now doing really well with her contemporary Stage Dive series, but I hope she finds time to come back to this series. She’s built a world I’d love to revisit.

Genre: Zombie-Apocalypse Romance
Print Length: 250 pages
Publisher: Momentum
Publication Date: February 1, 2013
Blush Quotient: Red

Available at Amazon.

Disclaimer: I bought this book – twice!

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    • Have you read the short story written a year earlier? Very short and different characters. If my tbr wasn’t so full I’d have grabbed it up when I saw it.

  1. I love these books and I hope she writes some more stories in this world, she has indicated on her site that she has a third book planned, I hope that happens sooner rather than later.

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