Pick Three: Our Favorite Dragons – Plus a Survey!

I think the last time the Smart Girls bloggers got together to share favorite books, we were talking about shifters. This time we haven’t moved too far from that subject, as shape shifting and dragons have been peas in a pod since way back. Here are few of our favorite dragon romances:



Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin #1) by G.A. Aiken

The tale of Annwyl the Bloody and Fearghus the Destroyer evolves in a manner commiserate with their names. Annwyl is a very unusual woman, and Fearghus the dragon whose cave she finds herself fighting to the death in front of. After she is rescued by the scaly beast, he arranges for her to train with a mysterious warrior, but the knight is not what he seems.

All 6 novels, and the short stories in the Dragon Kin series are outstanding examples of the paranormal romance genre, and of the dragon sub-category. But I’ll never forget the first time I read Dragon Actually. The humor, and fun combines with some of the most interesting characters both human and dragon I have ever read!

M/F Paranormal Romance, Dragon Kin Book #1


Prince of Dragons (Orion #3) by Cathryn Cade

Sirena Blade is an elite Serpentian guard on the space ship Orion, leaving broken hearts in her wake across the galaxy. Slyde Stone is her co-commander and a half-dragon shifter whose species must mate for life.

This science fiction romance isn’t what most people think of when picturing a dragon shape shifter, but it combined several of my favorite things. Romance, science fiction, dragons, and a strong female lead! Sirena is no wilting flower, and Slade not your typical heroic rogue.

M/F Science Fiction Romance, Orion Book #3

DragonsDawn (Pern #9) by Anne McCaffrey

Human colonists arrive on the planet Pern, fleeing an interstellar war, and seeking a simpler low-tech existence. Until, one day the deadly Thread phenomenon caused by the Red Star falls from the sky, nearly destroying the growing colony. Their only hope is genetic engineer Kitti Ping and the native fire breathing Dragonets who can destroy the deadly spores.

Anne McCaffrey’s Pern might be the most famous Fantasy dragon series of all time. All 24 novels revolve around the Dragons and Dragonriders of Pern. DragonsDawn was released as book #9 in the series, but it is actually a prequel and occurs before any of the others. It is also the only book that explores the science fiction origin of what is mostly a fantasy series. This was my first Pern book. While it is not about shape shifters and is not a true romance, all of Anne McCaffrey’s books are very heavily character and relationship driven, and this is no exception!

Science Fiction Fantasy Novel, Pern Book #9


Dragon Guardian (Vol 1)

A young woman discovers that she is tied to a hidden world of dragons and shape shifters. Twin brothers Ethan and Caleb must protect the woman destined to be the guardian of their race.

This book will always be special to me because I got to see it in the rough when my wonderful friend Eden Glenn first conceived of it. I was so glad to see it make it into print this spring!

This is a novel length M/F/M ménage erotic paranormal romance and is first in the Drakins of Wyrmarach series.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J. K. Rowling.

Young wizard Harry is forced into a dangerous competition against other young wizards, each representing their schools in the legendary competition. As you might guess, there turns out to be a great deal more at stake. It is the fourth novel in the series and foreshadows the darker turn the series took after this book.

Sorry, I know it isn’t a romance and not even about the dragons. They are just an obstacle for Harry. But my first real fascination with dragons came from a D&D monster manual. Imagining all the different types of dragons kept me enthralled and I loved the potter world played off of the differences in the dragons. Besides, you know I always cheat, blog founder’s prerogative. 😉

Middle Grade Magical Adventure

Caged Warrior by Lindsey Piper

An outcast of the ancient race of dragons fights to stay alive in underground cage matches in the hopes of living long enough to rescue her child. She must rely on her trainer to teach her and unlock her dormant powers.

The dragons in this book aren’t actually the wings and scales kind, but a humanoid race descended from them. A promising start to a new series. I haven’t yet read book two, but book three is coming out next year. Still time to catch up!

M/F Paranormal Romance, Dragon Kings, Book One

Hope you found something here to tickle your fancy.


The Dragon Survey – no fire resistant attire required.

Dragons have been an object of fascination since medieval times. They have been a symbol of ferocity to be included in a family crest, a terrible creature to scare the peasants, a mythical creature of magic and wonder, a wise and dangerous creature that can walk as beast or man, a greedy brute guarding a cache of gold and sometimes a mixture of all of these. As a child I laughed along with the big green and pink, puppy dog of a dragon in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon and gasped at Maleficent in dragon form in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Later there would be Dragonheart for the lovers of likable dragons and Reign of Fire for those that thrill at fearing the beast. So, that leads us to an informal poll….

Thanks for answering our poll. Please share. The poll will close in one week. 

Please share some of your favorite dragons in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Pick Three: Our Favorite Dragons – Plus a Survey!

  1. My favorite was always Mnementh in Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. He was so wise and faithful to F’lar, helpful to Lessa…yup, if I can’t have my own golden dragon, I’d be happy to spend time with him! Fun post!

  2. Ah yes! Dragons! Love them. And that was really an unfair poll. I agree with both, they are beautifully majestic and mystical but also fierce and ruthless. All depends . . .
    As for my favorite – *sigh* so many to choose from, but I think Coreen Callahan’s Dragonfury Series hits the top of my list these days. They are HOT as well as majestic, mystical, fierce and ruthless. Love those dragons!

    • Lol – afraid that is the nature of polls. But yes, I agree. They are both! Thanks for the reccomendation. I hadn’t heard of Callahan ‘ series. Next up on my list to try is S.E. Smith’s Dragon Lords series.

  3. I also agree with both options: I enjoy both evil and good dragons, depending on the story and the writing. My favorite dragons are Smaug, of course, and the Dragonlance dragons.

  4. My absolute favorite is & always will be Dragon Riders of Pern even though their aren’t any shifters or real romance. I love dragons and this cemented my love. Another for me was the Dragonlance Chronicles – The Dragons Trilogy. I haven’t read any other dragon or dragon shifter series since but I’m always on the lookout for one.

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