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EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT  was a Canadian science fiction series based on notes and ideas of Gene Roddenberry under the guidance of his widow Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. It ran for five seasons from October 1997 to May 2002.
The show had a mixed reception; garnering both positive and negative reviews. It was canceled about two seasons by CTV due to low ratings but taken over and broadcast by another station for the remainder of its run. There were also apparently difficulties with casts, fees, and contracts-so the show had a rapid turnover of cast members.


Basically, a race of aliens called the Taelons or Companions come to Earth and provide us with advanced technology to counter war, disease, etc. The premise has been used often (think V or To Serve Man) though in this case it is unclear as to whether the aliens are ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

The first season follows William Boone a protector for the Companions recruited as a double agent with the Resistance.   Boone is given an implant by the Taelons that is designed to give him enhanced abilities, but is also suspected to make the humans more complacent. It is reworked by the Resistance.  He is assisted by a computer genius Augur, and a double agent pilot, Lili Marquette. Their most obvious nemesis is Sandoval-another protector of the Companions who is not sympathetic to the Resistance and possibly had other motives. The second season replaces Boone with a human-alien hybrid named Liam Kincaid who joins the Resistance.

The ambiguity is what keeps the show going, though it does deviate from this in its five year run. The main companion for Seasons 1-4 is Da’an, played by actress Leni Parker. Da’an is probably the most engaging character; and later on quite sympathetic to humans compared to other Companion. The Taelons are neither male nor female; are primarily made of energy though take physical form.  Sandoval, a troubled man with varying motivations places a significant part in the show. Many of the episodes followed a formula-Taelons give new invention (transporter-type technology); people like it at first, then something goes wrong, then the Resistance gets involved.

EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT  wasn’t the deepest show perhaps, but I found it enjoyable. I do think the constant cast changes hurt because the tone of the show was never consistent. Still, it was fun, some good ideas, and though it wasn’t the highest rated show, it maintained a loyal fan base.

So, Smart Girls readers, I quite liked the Taelons as an alien species. Any of you have an alien species from a TV show that you found particularly fascinating?

9 thoughts on “SF OBSCURE: Earth:Final Conflict

  1. This was a good show in the beginning. Went off the rails in Season 2 and never really recovered. The final season was such a complete cock-up, I don’t think any of them has ever really worked since then.

    • Thanks for the reblog.
      I only saw through Season 3 and some of 4. I read there were major changes in the final season.

      • You’ve no idea. *shudder* All I’ll say is even with all the bullshit, Sandoval was one of the greater tv villians to ever come along. In the end his character arc was the only thing left that was worth watching.

      • I loved Sandoval!! He should have been the focus of the show because he was more complex than the other characters by far.

  2. I was a fan girl of this show. Even bought a few of the books that followed as well as purchased the DVDs of the series. All except season 2. That only recently became available and is currently beyond my budget, but is on my wish list. I found that watching the series, especially the seasons 3-5, in order on DVD, they seemed to make so much more sense to me. Maybe that was just me and/or the repeated watching. It is still on my favs list. Fascinating aliens? They all have interest. Valcans are totally “fascinating”. I am currently re-watching Stargate SG1 and the Tok’ra have just been introduced. Interesting species. I also found the Minbari of Babylon 5 an interesting species with their different sects and belief system. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I am a geek girl! Love those aliens!

    • YAY for geek girls!
      I am doing an SG watch also. True is, I rarely watched SG1 when it was first broadcast but did watch most of SG Atlantis, so I thought it was time to remedy that. I am pleasantly surprised at how much real science they do use in SG1. And Egyptian myth, which I love.

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