My Video Inbox

Summer has always been the season for big blockbuster films, but it must also be the time of the indie film. I’ve been getting lots of visual arts messages in my inbox of late.  I thought this would be a good time to give you a sampling of the visual buffet.

First up: Northbound Promo

The Lullskull team has recently released Northbound, Part  I, the first extended promo video for their upcoming feature Northstar. Producer Jason Hagen, explained that this is the first in a small series of web videos that chronicle the events of select characters leading up to the main story line of the film Northstar. In the feature, a group of survivalists eke out their daily existence after a mysterious Catacylysm has killed most of North America in a single day. Of course it is complete with a mysterious stranger and a ruthless military.

You can also view the video on vimeo or youtube.

More information at:
Twitter: @lullskull


The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us – Indie Feature Film

LS3_key_art2_flatThis project was brought to my attention by Adrienne Freeman who explained that the film will be the the third installment of his Lost Skeleton Trilogy by Larry Blamire.  This first film in the trilogy, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (available on Netflix), garnered a cult following when it was picked up by Sony.  The latest installment will feature the Bantam Street Troupe in addition to Fred Willard and Michael McKean. The story will culminate in some spectacular kaiju style action done by Sci-fy’s Monster Man, Cleve Hall.  Adrienne also sent me these great pictures.

Animala_Arrives_reduced  Mybigatron_reduced

The film is currently seeking funding and you can find out more on Kickstarter.


Job Hunters Season 2

Season 2 of Job Hunters is now out. It is a  is a dystopian comedy web series and from the brief look I took, it seems interesting.  Would love to hear from someone who has seen it.  If like me, you’ve not yet checked it out, you can see the first episode of the new season on youtube.

Last but not least: Dust of War

This one is out now and available on iTunes and VOD. It has a pretty amazing cast including: Tony Todd (Candyman), Doug Jones (Abe Sapien from Helboy), Gary Graham (Sikes from Alien Nation), Bates Wilder, Steven Luke and Jordan McFadden.

Here’s the blurb: In a post-apocalyptic American frontier, a lone soldier, Abel (Steven Luke) is sent to rescue Ellie (Jordan McFadden) a girl fated as the savior of humanity. Captured by General Chizum (Bates Wilder) who is determined to reveal her secret, Ellie’s fate is tested as she waits for salvation by Abel and his partner in the resistance movement, Tom Dixie (Gary Graham).

Rent ($4.99) or buy it here:

There is one more short to tell you about, but I’m saving it for another day because it is a wow-makes-you-think kind of thing.

Any thoughts on these ones? Would love to hear if you are checking out the indies and web shows. So much out there and so little time!