Geek and Sundry Show: Spooked Review

Reviewed by Toni.ghostbrother

I’m a very huge fan of the Geek and Sundry website. After watching ‘The Guild” and “The Flog“, I was super excited when Felicia Day created Geek and Sundry. This is a great central point for all your geek viewing pleasure. My favorites are Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop and Amy Dallen’s Talking Comics.

As the trend goes, the website has started developing their own series. First it was Caper, a group of broke super heroes who decided to become villains to pay the rent. Now we have Spooked, a comedy series that follows a rag-tag group of paranormal investigators. Spooked is also produced by Bad Hat Harry. If you just watched “X-men: Days of Future Past”, then that should be very familiar. Yes, it’s Bryan Singer’s production company. This is a comedy with the writing of Felicia Day and production values of Bryan Singer. I have to repeat the word comedy to remind myself that was the main goal of the show. I should have been a fan by the 0:10 second mark.

With a heavy sigh and heart, I hate this show. I feel like I betrayed a best friend by writing that. After following Geek and Sundry from inception, I feel so disappointed. Caper also failed to interest me and now Spooked. It’s been two weeks since the webshow started. I waited until the second episode to see if my tune would change. Maybe I needed to watch it multiple times to like it. Maybe I was in a bad mood.

After many viewings by myself and along with my boyfriend, we both came to the same conclusion: this show is awkward and not funny at all.

The show is slightly shiny in production value. I wasn’t sure if the intent was to create the feel of a low-budget show. It’s really the content of the show that hurts. It’s cliché, awkward, full of pop culture references, and unnecessary.

Every character in the show is an empty caricature. As a webshow competing against the thousands of webshows out there, you can’t afford to waste time in character development. Most viewers are watching online webshows for the characters themselves.  Lack of locale can be forgiven, production value can be non-existent, but the characters have to be immediately stellar.

I have issues with every single character of Spooked, but the biggest insult was Elliot, the asian captain-obvious. The first episode, he was annoying. The second episode, he just pissed me off.  Currently, there is a lot of attention being paid to how diverse characters are being portrayed.  As an Asian American myself, I have disagreed and agreed with some of the issues that the community has debated. The thing is that I want Asians and other diverse members to play whatever character they want. What pisses me off about Elliot’s character is that not only does he fall into a dopey, Asian caricature, but he’s just unnecessary. He contributes nothing to the paranormal team but tiring one-liners. He doesn’t have to play the stereotypical smart asian guy. He could have been the gadget guy. Or the good supportive friend. Anything but annoying.

As a paranormal team, they suck as a team. I suppose this was intentional, but they are not only incompetent, they are rude as hell! They have serviced two client sand already they’ve bickered in front of the clients, made out while working,  put their feet up on a client’s pillow, exerted awkward possibly sexual touching on a lesbian couple, become drunk, and were about to upload footage without the consent of the client. This is only two episodes! Where is the funny? Where is the paranormal? Am I supposed to be watching a show?

I also couldn’t help but compare this to “Freakylinks” from the nineties (ahh Ethan Embry how I crushed on you). That show was more of a Blair Witch Project but they still consisted of the same rag-tag group following paranormal events idea. Freakylinks had a great diverse group that worked well together.

As of now, I have no plans to continue watching this show. Other people may disagree with my thoughts or think I’m over reacting. Please, I encourage you to view the content first and decide for yourselves. You may find it wildly hilarious or you may agree with me. There is more content on Geek and Sundry so at least you have many options.



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