Review: C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines) by Eve Langlais

C791Review done by Toni   

What do cyborgs conjure in your mind? Terminator? Ash from the Alien movies? Small Wonder? All summing up a mechanical being that walks with a steel rod posture with cool indifferent observations.

Cyborg stories usually make me yawn. It’s the same cautionary tale of humans versus machine. They’re going to take over. Heck even children’s movies are peppered with machines taking over. A particular one containing guinea pigs is my favorite. It’s a scary topic that has been told over and over so many times that the horror aspect wore off a long time ago. The human versus machine starts to become a bit too theatrical to me.

Overly dramatic summary:

Ent: Human and a cyborg walk onto the stage

Human (finger pointing at cyborg): I created you! I can end  you!

Cyborg (clutching approximation of where heart should be): Yes..but I feel! I feel! I am human!

Human (struggles to clutch heart but places hand on the wrong side): No! I am human! I am greater than you! I am the creator! I banish you! (a torch appears from offstage) Begone metal demon! I realize the folly of my ways! You are a heathen!

Cyborg: (hisses): I am metal, idiot, you can’t burn me.

Human (glances at torch): Oh….who even thought to give me a torch on stage….wow…this is hot.. (drops torch and is immediately consumed by flames).

Cyborgs (backs away off stage while whistling)

End Scene.

So…..I was ready for some corny cyborgs. I was so surprised and happy that I got hot, muscled, horny cyborgs instead.

Seriously, they love sex. Love sex. And they can go all night long.There’s a great reason for it, they’re cyborg. They have stamina and they studied extensively for it. How. Awesome. Is. That. They even have to tone it down for their all human partners. Even then they may ask for a break after the fifth round.

The sex in this book is deliciously hot. Shower, wall, many times on the bed. And it’s fun. Just don’t read this in public. You may end up chewing your straw into pieces. Or better yet just stock up on straws. You won’t be leaving for a while.

What makes me adore this novel even more is that it’s not just the great sex. There is a great story along side it. THAT does not happen very often! I have not had this much fun with a book that has equal sex and equal great story. Not since “Hearts if Ishira”. Heck the year has barely begun and this is already a contender for my top book of the year.

The story starts off really typical. So typical that it almost turned me off. I was imaging at least three movies and books that start off almost the same way. I almost stopped reading because of how dispassionate the writing was.  It starts off with the cyborgs beginning to “reawaken” on the brink of their programmed destruction. It results in a bloody  riot with the cyborgs being deemed as murderous, cyborg barbarians that pillage women from villages . Oh how I thought that was quaint. It’s a great viewpoint when it comes to cyborgs versus humans. Instead of these cold machines that can kill us, let’s scare the future generation by describing them as ogres. Which in turns switches the atmosphere of “humans versus machines” cyborg story to a romanticized “misunderstood creatures vs. human”.  Langlais is able to touch upon the follies and hypocrisy of  the God complex in humans creating the cyborg  by not preaching it. She just presents it. It’s more like it’s there. It’s been done, now let’s move in.

Fast forward to some time after the cyborg revolt. Joe ( the cyborg a.k.a X109GI…hee hee I see what you did there) has been “captured” by the military in an attempt to extract samples to create more cyborgs (the information was all destroyed during the revolt). After many failed (and hilarious) attempts, they send in Claire. A pretty, voluptuous, nervous but determined woman to extract samples. During their interaction, something happens. Something as old as time.

Yeah, I referenced “Beauty and the Beast” there. That part of the story completely reminded me of that. And I think that’s when I started to get really hooked on it.

They escape and are headed to their asteroid home. The story continues with lots of danger, sexual awesomeness, and a mystery.

I loved this book.

Joe is my cyborg space knight off to rescue the damsel. Who rescues herself River-style (that is a Firefly joke. If you haven’t watched Firefly…do. And then bemoan with everyone how short lived this series was).

The only, only thing that made me flinch was the overuse of the word that rhymes with hussy but change the h to a p. It’s not as crude as the c word but it’s not a romantic one either. It’s an awkward word for me to sound out in my head. I attribute this to sleazy, movie villains. I am so excited to see that there are more novels in this series. I am really curious about the Seth robot. Maybe because he reminds me of all time crush, Seth Green. Not sure, but I hope the fun continues in the next book.

A cyborg lover. Never thought I would add that to my fantasy repertoire.

Length: Novel
Genre: Cyborg romance
Primary Book Format: e-format
Publisher/Imprint:  Amazon Digital Services
Blush Quotient: Stamina Red
Smart Girls Rating:  5 Stars

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(Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author to enjoy and review.)

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  1. Glad the story sucked you in… And thanks for taking the time to write a review. I just about snorted water on my keyboard reading it, though. Your dramatic summary was awesome lol.

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