Sci-Fi Romance Resolutions

NewYearResolutionListSo a new year has started and that means a new year of reading. Despite being a blogger for Smart Girls Love Sci Fi, I didn’t read a lot of SFR in 2013 – a fact I plan to address in 2014. My resolutions are simple (because this is me we’re talking about, heh):

  • read 5 hetrosexual SF romances
  • read 5 LGBT SF romances
  • read at least 2 with POC

I’m also going to be actively looking for differently abled characters, but since they’re sadly thin on the ground, I don’t want to make a resolution I might fail. But if you have a book coming out this year that’s diverse in any way, be sure to ask for a review!

What about you, dear reader? What SFR are you looking to read in 2014?


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