Review: Galilee Rising by Jennifer Harlow

galileerisingReviewed by Misa

I previously reviewed the first book in the GALILEE FALLS trilogy – JUSTICE – and loved it, so when Ms Harlow asked for the latest book to be read, I jumped at the chance.

GALILEE RISING finds heroine Joanna Fallon slowly crawling out of the hole that the loss of Justin – a recovering alcoholic, she’s lost her job as a cop and self-destructed her relationship with boss Harry. The trauma of being kidnapped has left her suffering from nightmares and panic attacks. And the city of Galilee Falls has gone to hell with the loss of its personal superhero.

Fortunately, there are few heroes in town and a new boyfriend in the wings. Pity that both come with baggage…

After the rip-roaring ride of JUSTICE, I found GALILEE RISING a much slower and darker story. And I think that’s right. The events have had serious repercussions on Joanna and on the city. The time for fun is over. However, the darkness does make it a little hard to read, and I recommend that you read (or reread) JUSTICE first as Harlow doesn’t do much in terms of revisiting the previous story.

That said, as the snowball that is GALILEE RISING begins to roll, it’s much easier to get caught up in the story and I spend a couple of hours sneak-reading in the bathroom in the wee hours. It’s that kind of book, heh.

Joanna is a great character. She’s flawed, even before the PTSD, but remains strong and determined. I was pleased to read she’d learnt from Justin/Justice and figured out who the new superheroes were. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, especially in a first person POV story, it’s knowing what the character is too clueless to work out. Joanna does a little of that, but then she’s so wrapped up in her own problems, that I can forgive her.

I gave GALILEE RISING four stars. It’s not five simply because after a few hot scenes that get interrupted, the actual sex scene ends up being rather tame. I wanted more of a payoff and didn’t get it. I’m still looking forward to the final book in the series, though. 🙂

This book was provided by the author for an honest review.

Genre: Urban fantasy/Superheroes
Length: Novel
Primary Book Format: e-book
Publisher/Imprint: Devil on the Left Books
Blush Quotient: 2
Smart Girls Rating: 4

Blurb: The year since Galilee Falls lost its reigning superhero Justice has not been kind to Joanna Fallon. She’s lost her best friend, her boyfriend, her badge, even her mind. The city of Galilee Falls hasn’t fared much better with supervillain related crime skyrocketing to cataclysmic proportions.

Deliverance for the city arrives in the guise of The Royal Triumvirate–King Tempest, Lady Liberty, and Lord Nightingale–who vow to be the heroes the city needs. Salvation for Joanna appears in the brilliant form of Dr. Jem Ambrose, another lost soul in need of saving. But salvation comes with a high price.

When Emperor Cain, an old nemesis of The Triumvirate, decides he will stop at nothing to make sure there is no city left to defend, it is up to Joanna to rise not only for her city, for her new love, but for herself as well…