Podcast Reviews: Samplers

It’s been a while since I gave an update of the podcasting world, so I decided to post a few short reviews of some podcasts that I have started to listen to.


How I Got My Wife to Read Comics
By the husband and wife team, Mark and Mindy, is a short review cast in which the couple discuss comics they are currently reading. They cover a lot of comics, adding brief summaries, commentaries, and updates on current releases. It’s a neat podcast even if you don’t follow comics.


Star Trek Outpost
Yes, it’s a Star Trek podcast. It won the 2013 Parsec Award and had been a finalist many times. An original drama based on the Star Trek universe. Good writing, solid voice acting, and rip roaring adventures. Familiar aliens with some new ones thrown into the mix.


Geek Soul Brother ‘n the Five Nerdy Venoms
They discuss pretty much everything..movies, TV, comics. They rant. They rave. But it’s never mean spirited and always fun. The main host Geek Soul Brother aka Henry also has a great website with geeky updates. It is a live recorded show, so the sound quality varies, but it’s still fun and a real treat.


Radio Drama Revival
Hosted by Fred Greenhalgh,this is a weekly radio show and podcast the features the best of contemporary audio drama. Basically, anything after the golden age of radio (covered in a previous post about Relic Radio). It’s mix of snippets from all kinds of neat stuff..international too. It covers all genres: SF, fantasy, comedy, drama, horror.

4 thoughts on “Podcast Reviews: Samplers

    • They are good. I am pleasantly surprised by the ST:Outpost. They’ve really worked hard on the writing and production. So many creative people out here.

  1. Howdy RK – Nick Armstrong from Giant Gnome Productions here.

    Thanks so much for including Star Trek: Outpost on your list. If you’d ever like to just chat it up with Tony about Outpost or want an interview with some of the cast, feel free to hit either of us up.

    • Wonderful! I’d love to chat it up. just getting caught up on the latest episode. Will be contacting you soon:)

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