Paranormal Beings in Fiction


IMG_20130922_203730A friend of mine recently texted me this photo of his newly acquired Duppy. Suffice it to say he games and this piece made him very happy. Before I go any further I should probably explain to those of you who don’t know what a duppy is.

According to Jamaican folklore a duppy is an evil spirit. Mind you I’m not from Jamaica and I’m accustomed to calling evil spirits that roam the night Jumbies.  This is because I was raised on a tiny island called St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Lesser Antillies.

Once again it got the wheels in my head thinking about the inclusion of other beings in Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy/ Fiction. You get my drift. You can find my original post here.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently especially since I receiving that text. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to list a few books from my archives that feature creatures other than the norm, My norm that is (vampires, werewolves etc) and I want you suggestions.  I’ve finished reading Tiger Eye and so I’m ready to dig into something else.  Which means I’ll be going over your suggestions from the last time I asked.

 So here I go:

  • For creatures of the winged variety
    • Shelley Laurenston’s  Hunting Season
  • For Gargoyles
    • C.E Murphy’s Heart of Stone

I hope you’ll add to this very short list.

5 thoughts on “Paranormal Beings in Fiction

  1. Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series includes Medusa, Djinn, Gryphon, Pegasus, dragons. Eve Langlais’ Furry Coalition has a werebunny and a weregator. Tina Gerow and Sydney Somersault also write Gargoyle books. Stephanie Rowe wrote a series were the Goblet of Eternal Youth was an expresso machine called Mona.

    • Thanks Liz! That’s awesome, I was wondering if I’d see a Gryphon turn up. I do remember reading a novella about a Djinn but I can’t remember who wrote it.

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