Reading Shape Shifters


Hello everybody I’m recovering from a weekend of supervising six, count ‘em, six fourteen year old girls. Needless to say I’m exhausted, but because they are older and only needed a guiding hand this morning it means I got to read.


I’ve been feeling stuck which is why I’ve been asking you guys about new reading material. I love shifters and really anything of the paranormal bent. But while dealing with the teenagers I got to thinking about paranormals and puberty. Because, watching those girls (who were totally geeky kids) interact  made me wonder about when things manifest.

Paranormal lore differs from story to story. For some it’s a few months after birth. For others it’s at puberty. Then there are those stories that explicitly state that being paranormal is either something that happens to an individual as a curse or a gift. Or, that you have to be turned.


Which of course has led to me broadening my horizons. IE Reading more for research (I know, the horror! ).  So I dug into my TBR pile and found a book recommended by R.K  in a July post here on the blog, Our Top Three Shifter Novels. What I’ve discovered is that slowly over time I’ve narrowed my focus. I read what I like and have been shying away from anything out of my comfort zone.



So, I’m still researching Paranormals and Puberty but along the way I’m rediscovering my love of all things Paranormal.  I’m currently reading Tiger Eye by Majorie M. Liu . What about you?


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  1. I hope you enjoy it.Marjorie M. Liu is really good. I think I need to expand too. Looking for more mystery/ darker paranormals or space opera.

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