Movie Review: The World’s End

worlds-end-posterMr. Pegg and Mr. Frost, how I adore you two. The bromance between the pair of you makes my geekie heart swell.

If you’re not familiar with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, where the heck have you been?!!?? No seriously? Are you lost? Are you an alien? Are you a…..blank?

They’re both known for (what I just realized it was called) the Cornetto Trilogy starting with “Shaun of the Dead” (my favorite!), “Hot Fuzz” (my brothers favorite), and concluding with “The World’s End”. FYI, Cornetto is a brand of delicious, delicious ice cream.

I didn’t even read up on this movie. I just knew I was going to go. Anytime I see their names on any work, I just flip my money at the appropriate ticket holder and march on. I guess you can say I’m bit of a fan.

So I was…surprised. And a bit depressed.

Yes. I came away from the movie very depressed. How fortunate for me that the mall was next door and I could nurse my feelings with retail therapy (Burlington Coat factory is a wormhole for my money).

The movie was great. The visual effects were great. The action/fighting scenes were spectacular. I mean holy cow the first bathroom fighting scene was intense! The jokes were quick and witty.

It was just the beginning and the end that made me so melancholy. A melancholy feeling that dampened the action and comedy a little bit. I don’t know if this was the intent, but oh I felt so much pity for the characters.

There’s a very deep issue of alcoholism, depression, and maturity that is a strong theme of this movie. For the first thirty minutes of the movie you forget that this was advertised as a comedy. It just feels like a dark comedy brewing up.

Then the bathroom scene happens and it’s this release of tension through laughter. Thank goodness.

I didn’t love the movie as much as I did “Shaun of the Dead”. Maybe I’m more partial to zombies (what an odd sentence to write). Maybe it was too darn hot today.

I can leave you with these tidbits:

  • Simon Pegg looks awesome in a black trench coat.
  • NicK Frost looks adorable when he’s drunk and angry.
  • I’ll never look at modern art the same way.
  • I wonder if they’ll release pint glasses with the Pub names on them.
  • How much does a drink cost? it seems so cheap.
  • For middle-aged men, they fight HARDCORE.

Anyway, this movie is definitely not to be missed. It should be experienced in all of its theatrical glory.


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