Do you read Angels?


I remember a few years ago I became aware of Angels in paranormal romance. I was skeptical at first, after all I like most of the population of the world that has been exposed to Christianity in some form or another has a rather defined image of angels.

I’m talking Michael the archangel and that guy, you know Satan. Angels had a set place in our collective consciousness. So much so that I had no wish to disturb my views on Angels and for the longest time I didn’t read them. Then I began to see interesting covers. Yes I have a weakness. I’ve checked out many a book because of the cover.

My first full blown encounter with angels was in the Anthology hot spell. I love this anthology for various reasons but for now I’ll stick to   MelJean Brooks and her story Falling for Anthony.


What really caught me? Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series.


So how about you do read angels? If you do, who you recommend?

5 thoughts on “Do you read Angels?

  1. I do enjoy reading about angels in paranormal romance. The most recent angel story I read was Fallen by Claire Delacroix. It takes place in a dystopian future, which is an added bonus for me. 🙂

  2. J.R. Ward’s Fallen Angels series is my favorite so far. For a YA read, Lauren Kate’s Fallen series was a very unique take on angels and demons.

  3. Sarah Gilman’s “Out In Blue” knocked my socks off. I was the proofreader for the publisher, and I kept catching myself READING, not proofing! I had to go back and do chapters over. 🙂 Great book.

  4. A friend of mine wrote a novella that featured angels – it was the first I’d read like that, and I really enjoyed it – the title was The Wild One’s Hunger by Ericca Thornhill. Her angels were unlike any I’d ever read, and the first time I had seen angels treated as non-religious creatures.

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