Triviality iOS game

triviaFinished off plants versus zombies?

I did. I still can’t get the super annoying catchy music video out of my head.

Still trying to make work through Temple run without twisting your arms about or bopping to the background music?

I’m not even going to touch Candy Crush. Hell nah.

If you have an iphone or smartphone equivalent, then you are more than familiar with the soul sucking dark abscess of iOS games. Simple iOs games that leech every moment of your precious lunchtime to make it to that one more elusive level.

I have a very addictive nature. I love games. Unfortunately my skills at winning games are laughable. So laughable.

And yet  I embarrass myself at trivia events. I have become addicted to trivia events like the one at Moore’s Deli in Burbank. Thanks to a local meetup group, I’ve been going  on Thursdays to sit, blank faced with a mushroom stuck in my teeth trying to figure out all the countries with the biggest shipping ports (China is one of the them). Or trying to remember all the SNL cast members as the microphone is thrust in my face ( I made it as far as Tim Meadows  and Molly Shannon before I went BLANK). Why…..why do insist on being publicly humiliated in my lack of knowledge? Oh, well…I do love their brie and mushroom sandwich….

So when my pride is particularly wounded, it’s nice to appease my trivia bug from the relative privacy of my iphone (until my brother grabs it and laughs at all the wrong answers I get).

Thanks to Quantum Mechanix Interactive, I got a chance to play with Triviality app.

Once you open the app, there is a dashboard of cards representing different categories and a brain below. As you play, the brain will eventually light up showing areas where the questions effect.

There’s about 2000 questions before your prompted to buy the expansion. If you answer the question in correctly, you have a chance at answering that again as a mulligan.

I have to say I did pretty abysmal at it, I answered soo many questions wrong. Most of them I guessed. But despite all that, I had alot of fun. I learned a few things (of which I won’t tell, hell nah I would give you an edge…).

Ultimately the question is why would you even bother to download it? There aren’t any colorful objects being exploded, monsters to kill or things to shoot. This is a game to ponder, to learn, and just enjoy boosting your ego or chuckle at your vast ignorance. I know plenty of iOS that will suck your mind dry. This is one of the view that will actually return or grant you some knowledge, It is trivial (ha, ha) but it’s knowledge so may the power become you!

If your trivia master, I wonder how you would fare. As for me, it was very fun and eased the mental hurt of waiting in lines.