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Riga Hayworth is a 44-year-old metaphysical detective, in book four of the series, she discovers a corpse of a photographer in her bedroom on the night of her engagement party to casino owner, Donovan Mosse.  The next thing she knows the corpse leaves with her fiance and the dangerous adventure begins to solve the dark magic mystery.  Is it fate that keeps throwing these monkey wrenches into her life or just bad luck? The Infernal Detective is book four in the Riga Hayworth series.


This is the first book I’ve read from the series and I will definitely be picking up the rest so that I can learn more about Riga Hayworth and her intriguing adventures.  The Infernal Detective definitely had flavors of Kim Harrison’s The Hallows series -which I LOVE!  The story combines witchcraft, crime, mystery, and Greek mythology.

It was very interesting to learn that Riga pulls her magic energy from the Greek Goddess Hectate – and that is just totally awesome!  In The Infernal Detective she is battling a necromancy mystery, a subject I haven’t read much about so it really kept me turning the pages to find out how all this unravels. From beginning to end Riga struggles with light and dark magic; she doesn’t want to be associated with dark magic but finds sometimes there’s no choice.

You can definitely feel the chemistry and love between Donovan and Riga, but you won’t find any graphic sex scenes or much sexual content, that context is very tame.  I would say The Infernal Detective is suitable for ages 13 and up.

I also enjoyed the family connections that Riga has with her aunts, Peregrine and Dot and her niece, Penn.   Most of their interactions are amusing and comical.


This is between Riga, her niece, Penn, and Riga’s familiar, Brigitte who is a gargoyle:

“Aunt Riga?” Pen stood inside the room. She rubbed her bare arms, shivered in her tank top and sweatpants. “What’s wrong?”  Brigitte sniffed. “Your aunt lost a battle on ze astral plane, and now she is throwing ze temper tantrum like a five-year-old child.”  “That is not why I’m throwing a temper tantrum,” Riga snarled. “I’m angry because I’m tired of being told I have to be a necromancer.”  Pen took a cautious step closer. “But is it really so bad?”

If you are looking for a mystery crime novel with heavy doses of magic and a dash of humor The Infernal Detective is the read for you.  Kirsten Weiss writes with a spellbinding flair and intelligence that makes her story easy to read and captivating.

Length: Novel, 284 pages

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Primary Book Format: Kindle and paperback

Publisher/Imprint: Misterio press, May 2013

Blush Quotient: ZERO

Smart Girls Rating: 4 Star

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(Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author for an honest review.)

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