Linnea Sinclair: Coastal Magic Featured Author

Linnea Sinclair Coastal Magic Featured Author

Linnea Sinclair
Coastal Magic Featured Author

As part of my gig as a Featured Blogger for next year’s Coastal Magic Fan Convention, I’ll be spotlighting one of the con’s featured author each month. This month’s author is the fabulous Linnea Sinclair. Linnea is known for being direct and dynamic in real life so it is probably not by chance that she writes strong heroines and plops them into high-octane action plots.  Think Star Wars’ Princess Lei or Battlestar Galactica’s female Starbuck.

I recommended her novel Finders Keepers in my post, When are wogs and weemlies a good thing?, back in the blog’s first year, so you know I’m a real fan.  She is one of the most accomplished Science Fiction Romance authors out there and is much loved for her Games of Command series.

Recently she added two short stories to the GoC series, featured in two separate anthologies.  The first, Seven Months of Forever, appeared in the MAMMOTH BOOK OF FUTURISTIC ROMANCE, release in January 2013 and features Sass and Kel-Paten. Most recently, Linnea contributed a story to the Tales from the SFR Brigade anthology. Her short story, “Macawley’s List” continues Sass and Kel-Paten’s story. Get it free here.


I hope to have another post about Linnea later in the month. For now, you can find out more about her and her books on her website:

7 thoughts on “Linnea Sinclair: Coastal Magic Featured Author

  1. Absolutely love Linnea’s story. Always hopeful for a sequel to An Accidental Goddess! The new stories with Sass and Kel-Paten are wonderful too!

  2. Linnea’s books are a bright spot in the genre of both Science Fiction / Space Opera and Science Fiction Romance. Her stories and characters always have such life and gravity. Having her story in the SFR Brigade anthology was a treat!

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