Travel in the Paranormal World

I had an idea for this post a couple weekends ago when talking to my thirteen year old. I’d mentioned that I was curious about the various modes of transportation used by paranormal creatures. We hall grew up with fairy tales no matter what part of the world you come from.

Fairy tales that spoke of creatures that traveled on two legs and four, used brooms or other implements, animals to travel. It’s always led to questions for me though. I’m watching Underworld, I know, again, on SyFy.


I’ve always wondered whether why the horses didn’t object to being ridden by predators. In my experience horses get spooked easily, I would think they would get spooked by the vampires.  To be fair In Patricia Briggs’, Alpha and Omega series her hero James, a werewolf prefers horseback to automobiles and fly’s airplanes. So werewolves get to ride them as well.

My thirteen year old wanted to know whether witches still used brooms and I had to think about it for a while. Of course she’s read the Harry Potter series, but the brooms are mainly used for Quiditch.

So I had to search my library and yes my To Be Read Pile is way too big because I haven’t even gotten to Kelley Armstrong, but I digress.  I remembered reading Cynthia Eden’s Bound by Darkness I don’t remember them using any other mode of transportation that wasn’t modern automobiles.


So tell me if I’m wrong and whether I need to expand my reading. So do we know of any other preferred mode of transportation?

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  1. I love reading about witches. Rachel Morgan (Kim Harrison’s The Hallows series) uses ley line magic – actually travel through the lines – to get where she wants to go, at least she’s trying to, Gargoyles help them travel. Other beings like were’s and vampires that I’ve read flash or dematerialize. Of course there’s always ruby slippers, wardrobes, flying carpets, traveling through mirrors, even puddles. I can’t remember who wrote it but I know I’ve read about witches turning themselves into things like horses or a bird.

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