RK and 8 Crazy Q’s

RK joined the blog in January 2013. I think she may be the only one of our reviewers who shares my love of podcasts. The other’s don’t know what they are missing. But you’ll know if you read her podcast reviews–a great resource for genre casts. She is also our resident author interview expert. we are very lucky to have her mad-skills.


1 Do you own an e-reader? Which one?

I own a old style Kindle and an iPad.

2 Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek. But I do collect qui

te a bit of Star Wars stuff; including an awesome R2D2 refrigerator my husband got for me.

3 Do you have a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan?

I plan to track down a vampire and be turned. Reason? Vampires are quick enough and strong enough to take down a zombie, plus since they are technically already dead they can can’t be turned into zombies.

4 Have you ever stayed up all night to finish reading a book?

Heck, yeah.

5 Do you prefer ice cream or candy? What’s your favorite flavor/type?

Ice cream. Rocky Road, Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Oreos and Cream, Chocolate Mint.

6 When is the last time you wore a costume?

I wore a star trek uniform shirt at a con in college. Does that count?

7 If you could have a super/magical/extra sensory power, what would it be?


8 When was the last time you were in a library?

Yesterday. Whenever you post, it will probably still be yesterday.

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