Review: Tethered


Don’t you love that feeling when you read a book that you otherwise would have ignored and then Boof! You’re a newly made author-cyber-stalking fanatic? Don’t lie to yourself. If you consider yourself a bookworm, I know you went “SQUEEEEE!!” every time you saw your favorite authors name pop up in bookstores, as a blurb, or on a site.

I was introduced to Meljean Brooks when her novel, “The Iron Duke” was featured Vaginal Fantasy Hangout (if you haven’t heard of it, check it out, it’s super fun. It’s an online book club group hosted by Felicia Day with Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton and Kiala Kazebee. It’s awesome). It was the first book I read for the club and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. It’s a hot, sexy steampunk action story.

“Tethered” is a novella set in that world. It’s a stand alone novella so you don’t need to read the Iron Seas series, but I would recommend you do so. “Iron Duke” lays the foundation for this world so well and you’ll have a more intimate connection with the main characters (who were side characters in “Iron Duke”).

Lady Corsair is THE most dangerous character in the Iron Seas. She flies her own pirate ship, kills anyone, is able to do some gymnastic move to throw people off her ship, and she’s simply bad ass. She’s so bad ass she had thrown Archimedes off her ship in the first book because he tried to take over her ship. Yes. You read that right. She threw her future husband off her ship to Zombies. She and Michonne should have tea.Brooks intended this novella as an epilogue to “Heart of Steel” which centers around Yasmeen a.k.a as Lady Corsair and Archimedes Fox. From their bombastically awesome name, you can get an inkling of how dramatic a pairing these two would be (on a dirty side note, I kept wondering how awkward it would be to actually scream out “Archimedes!” during a peak, sexual moment. For myself, I wouldn’t be able to stop giggling).

Archimedes reminds me of that pompous teacher in Harry Potter,Gilderoy Lockhart but competent. Cunningly competent. He’s not my favorite hero but his love for Yasmeen is way too hot to ignore. He seems too perceptive of Yasmeen but Archimedes is dramatic enough that I would believe it.

Combined, this pair makes for some interesting sexual play. Even when their public displays of affection are smoldering.

While all that sexy is going on, there is a great story backing it up. A story involving a floating island run by cult like figure, a friend’s betrayal, daring rescues, and flying ships everywhere. This is what I adore about Brooks. There is such a thing as having a great story AND great sex scenes. Scenes that work and make sense in the context of the story. Many a times unpredictable but oh so fitting for the characters. And the atmosphere of Iron Seas. Oh it satisfies my adventurous steampunk powered heart indeed.

It is by all means not perfect. If your familiar with Iron Seas, the constant flashbacks will be annoying. The constant love words between Yasmeen and Archimedes can also be tedious and overwhelming. Like I said before, it’s all countered by a great story. So you may roll your eyes a bit now and then but it’s more of a doting eye roll not a sarcastic one.

This story also touches a personal spot for me. Yasmeen struggles with her feelings of love and trust for Archimedes. Something that I (and I know a lot of women feel the same) struggle with in my own relationship. In “Tethered” it’s her own crew and reputation on the line as her feelings for Archimedes grows. How she comes to grip with those emotions and thoughts I absolutely agree. I will not ruin the end result of her inner struggles because it is definitely a journey that you must endure with her.
Can you tell I absolutely adore Yasmeen?

Plainly put, if this appeals to you then start with the “Iron Duke” and work your way from there. “Tethered” would be like eating a sliver of the cake. Tasty but never enough.

Length: Novella

Primary Book Format: e-format

Publisher/Imprint:Penguin Publishing

Blush Quotient: Red Sash of Hotness

Smart Girls Rating: 5