I was pondering the further implications of Ink in the Paranormal Genre while flat ironing my hair (takes at least half an hour) and somehow I got sidetracked on the topic of Immortals or should I say immortality and what that means for characters relationships.

Immortality is defined as eternal life. Paranormal beings aren’t always immortal some are just hard to kill and long lived (so as close to Immortal as you can get).  Immortality is often portrayed as either a gift or a curse, sometimes it’s both.

Immortality in fiction is achieved in many ways, through quirk of fate, curse, birth, magical items. Though at first immortality may seem like a gift, any magical item tied to your existence is asking for insanity, paranoia and eventual death, whether it is by your hand or someone else’s. The Picture of Dorian Grey anyone?

The theme of finding one’s mate is a huge one in the Paranormal Genre.  It can either be used it can be used to create conflict. When the mate in question is not immortal and might be unlikely to choose an immortal life? Torture!


I remember reading Kresley Cole’s  No Rest for the Wicked . Where the hero’s immortality was unwanted and he welcomed death until his bride comes into his life. Then, his immortality is a welcome gift.

I know I’ve only covered one aspect of an Immortal’s relationships. I can only imagine what it would be like to live entire life times, watching the people you love, hate or, feel indifferent to, live out theirs. Just imagine how much time you have to carry a grudge or to morn a dead relative.

So who is your favorite immortal? Or your favorite book about immortals?

3 thoughts on “Immortal

  1. KC’s Lachlan is one of my many book boyfriends! I think I have one from every favorite PNR author & am nowhere near done collecting 🙂

  2. The late Octavia Butler has a series MIND OF MY MIND is the book I think I’m thinking of…anyhoo her protagonists are both immortals but in different ways. She because she doesn’t die and he because his soul jumps into another body to use. Very intriguing.

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