Today, my thirteen year old, after two years of study experienced the tradition and ritual of the rite of Confirmation. The festivities are over and finally I have the chance to examine the question plaguing me this weekend.

If all societies have traditions and rituals meant to protect and perpetuate their belief systems, what then do Vampires, Werewolves and the like do celebrate their milestones?

In some books, puberty is a rite marked by a shifters first change. In others, it is the mating dance or call. In some, I’ve heard of the first hunt or the first kill celebrated as a rite of passage. I wracked my brain for a vampire ceremony, but all I could think of was the turning of a vampire born.

It was in a book I read long ago, where the heroine meets her hero on the night she is to turn. Now, I can remember whether it happened “naturally” or if something was required to start the process.

The only rituals I can think of for ghost are exorcisms.

I can’t help but think that there have to be others.  After all these are creatures based on human even if they have immortal or long life or, have abilities from other creatures. After all, even creatures in the wild have been known to mourn their dead and they are not human.

4 thoughts on “Rituals

  1. I’m thinking that since the paranormal world is often about forever, an immortal life doesn’t need rituals or yearly celebrations. I think that is why there is often a way to celebrate firsts, like first hunts or changing or turning, but little else. Maybe being a vampire of werewolf means never having to visit the Hallmark store again.

  2. When a new vampire is under the control of their sire, a ritual when the childe is released to become an ‘adult’ member of the vampire community might occur.

    Many vamp stories have them as solitary creatures, so there wouldn’t be much need or opportunity for rituals. And a lot would depend on the society and culture. So many rituals are built around religion and/or politics and/or historical events, that they really would be unique to each world.

    For werewolves, I’ve run into rituals for welcoming a new pack member, rituals for kicking a pack member out if they overstep really badly, and mention of mating rituals between individual werewolfs. For wolves that don’t turn into crazed monsters with the full moon, I’d be surprised if some sort of full moon ritual didn’t develop.

    Ghosts is a toughy. Death day? I wouldn’t be surprised if some ghosts continued to celebrate the same rituals they kept in life.

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