Mother’s of the Paranormal Variety


Happy mother’s day everybody! I had a wonderful day with my family and I hope that you did to.  I had a completely different post scheduled for today, but I woke in the middle of the night with the following idea:

In everyday society mothers are seen a fierce protectors of their children. This is multiplied and exaggerated in the paranormal world, books and movies. 

Image courtesy of Rob Bonneywell/

Image courtesy of Rob Bonneywell/

For instance shifter/ were females are considered mostly to be fiercely protective depending on the type of shifter.  This true in Shelly Laurentson’s books and Nalini Singh’s . (Feel free to add to the list.)

Then there are the vampires so believe they can be born and or made. My question has always been does that then make them parents if they’ve been made.  What I do recall is the scene from Van Helsing where Dracula’s brides cry out in agony each time he attempts to bring their offspring to life. That one scene makes the appear vulnerable for but an instant, but it’s always stuck with me.

Then there is the movie Mama. One I freely admit, I haven’t seen as yet. Did I mention we rarely go out to the movies? Two girls out in the woods being protected by an unknown entity that was originally separated from her child. A sort of what if you died never knowing what happened to your child and what would you do in the afterlife story. This particular ghost was vicious in her protection.

Ghost and ghouls sort of terrify me so I definitely have to watch this movie with all the lights on.

So tell me what is your take on mothers of the paranormal variety?

3 thoughts on “Mother’s of the Paranormal Variety

  1. On the monster side of things, I never really think of them as having mothers.. LOL. In paranormal romance, mothers and motherhood is often depicted as a vital and honored role. There are many stories where the ability to carry on the lineage of some ancient race is woven into the plot. Great post!

  2. Sorry, but I did have to wince at the title. Mother’s? But it’s an interesting topic. I have a weretiger couple who will be having children. Will it be cubs or kids, or both, or what? I’ll be having some fun working that out.

  3. This is more Sci-Fi than Paranormal, but wasn’t the Alien form the 1979 Sigourney Weaver film just a mother trying to take care of her babies? Just a thought…

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