Into the Wild!

I’m camping this weekend and I’m excited. Yes I’m actually excited about camping out under the stars, in a tent. Now mind you this is only for two nights and by the time I get home this Sunday the husband and I will be fighting over who gets to shower first.  This is more about hot water than available bathrooms.

Anywho, as I sit here on my couch writing this post I’m compelled to ask. Who besides shifters in the paranormal world actually would like to spend a few days in the woods? (Ok so I started the post on the couch but now I’m at the DMV. Fell asleep before I could finish it.)

I know, I know, the vampires of old liked to torture their poor victims by playing with them in the woods. I’m pretty sure that ghost like to make lots of mischief out in the woods at night.  Which begs me to ask, what creatures will I encounter tonight and possibly on Saturday night?

I guess I’ll be making a stop at the local Publix for more batteries for my flashlight. We know for sure that there are wild boars near the campsite, as the last time we camped out there we found a spot they’d rooted up near the river.

I know there are alligators. We even have a picture of one from the last time the hubby went camping.  I’m not sure what was sniffing our tent that last time I went. Actually I was fast asleep while our poor friend Dave, in his one man tent, felt a muzzle determinedly sniffing him.

Obviously since he’s alive and well whatever it was decided that he wasn’t palatable prey. Or maybe they’d already fed by the time they got to our camp? All I know is that my imagination will be running wild this weekend. What about yours?

7 thoughts on “Into the Wild!

  1. In our part of the world it would be snakes, biting insects and feral hogs that could possibly make nighttime more adventurous on a camping trip Chudney. Of course that being said in other parts of US than Texas there are also other nocturnal dangers to worry one and prevent a sound sleep.

    • Eek! Snakes and spiders scare me more than boars and bears. Maybe that’s because I saw my mom taken to the hospital from spider bites–she was allergic. Or maybe it’s because they are creepy and I’m a big fat baby. LOL

    • We’ve got those and definetely heard Coyotes in the distance. Though the odd hiker at midnight was the one who caused the most worry, though he left when he realized that none of the men were amused that he’d woken us up. 🙂

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