Great Minds Think Alike and Vampires.

Funny enough Charlee and I had the same idea this week for post, so I’m going to tweak my idea a little. I’m going to tell you what has captured my imagination instead of doing a recap.


A few weekends ago I attended the Olde City New Blood  reader con. Yep the same one that Charlee went to.  It was a fun filled weekend in St. Augustine Florida.  I was surrounded by paranormal authors by the truck load.

Ever since then I’ve had vampires on the brain. I think it started with Deliah S Dawson’s cover for her book Wicked as They Come. I’d seen it before but seeing it in person at the book signing  made me go out and by the book I’m rather curious out the Bludmen who are rather good kissers.

watc cover sm

Then there was the lovely Elizabeth Staab  and the cover for her book Prince of Power also caught my eye.  Her heroine is also vampire.  Yet it’s not either of these vampires that have invaded my head space. Not that I haven’t purchased either of their books to for later consumption.


No it’s Lestat, Louis and Armand,  from Ann Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. I now have the urge to re-read the book. Then I want to re watch the movie.  There is something about the way Tom Cruise plays Lestat that makes the hair on my arms stand up.


There is something elegant, deadly and sorrowful about these characters that I can’t get out of my head. The problem is that I don’t remember if it was the actors portrayals  or if I’m remembering Ms. Rice’s writing. Which means sometime soon before I can read my new books, I’m going to re-read her story.

And as I’ve been doing since I figured out Gone With the Wind wasn’t just a movie , I’ll be comparing book and movie to see how closely they follow and where they diverge.

Tell me, have you done the same? And with which books/movies?

10 thoughts on “Great Minds Think Alike and Vampires.

  1. I don’t usually compare the book and movie overmuch. I try to go into it thinking they are two flavors of chocolate–both can be yummy. Operative word here is TRY.

    I have at times been hesitant to see a movie based on a book I loved. Worried about forever changing my vision of beloved character or world. But that doesn’t happen too often.

    I still haven’t gone to see One For The Money.

    • I can usually view Books and movies as separate entities and enjoy them , but certain books/movies make me either want to compare them, or avoid watching or reading, depending on which I come upon first.

    • Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the blog. A serial Sci-fi adventure you say, I’ll have to check it out.

  2. I tend to avoid vampire romance because IMO vampires have been neutered. Instead of flat out evil, devoid of conscience vamps – like Lestat, or angsty vampires like Brad Pitt’s character – Louis – we have good guys who fight evil. I don’t like it one bit. Evil vampires are sexy and attractive because they are dangerous – and it’s not about their sexual prowess. It’s about their ability to attract willing victims.

    • Julia you made the hair on my arms stand up. Their victims are willing, of they are lucky they never know they’ve been prey. Or, they’re willing up until the vampire decides to let them see beyond the lust.

  3. I just read a YA novel that was a great twist on the vampire genre called Immortal Faith by Shelley Adina. It was about the evil within and without (ala a vamp) in a faith-based community–kind of like Mennonites in the modern day. I loved it 🙂

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