Lions and Tigers and Bear Cubs Oh My!

I was having a conversation with a friend of my mine the other day, he is about to become a new uncle and was curious about what it was like to have kids. Now he comes from a large family of four boys and is single.

It got me thinking about gestation periods and labor times. I mean what would a harried human or not human mother look like with shifter/paranormal kids. I meant, think about it. You’ve all see her, the woman who has three to four kids with her in the grocery store.

The poor woman obviously needs a break, even if she’s got those kids well in hand. Just think of the amount of control that’s necessary for her to do so. Just how much harder would her job be?

I can tell you it means that she has to have to additional eyes in the back of her head.  A normal child already has their hands on everything or has a tendency to wonder off. What happens if  her child is not only touching everything but has managed to climb up to the top of the shelving and begins howling? (To be fair this more than likely has happened with a human child)

Or I’ve had a kid decide that they were hungry and want to eat the grapes or strawberries before we get to the cash register (I studiously avoid the candy aisle as much for their well being as for mine. Chocoholic present) What if you’ve got a vampiric  child ( if you believe they can be born that way) whose feeling a bit peckish or might have just found out they can mesmerize people. Imagine the chaos.

Let alone the shifter/ werewolf who might have caught a particular scent and before the poor woman knows it has taken off to follow the scent trail.  If you believe in bear sifters, imagine how tall those kids get. Then imagine her having to explain to security that the kid is really only five never mind he’s five foot tall and seventy pounds, and oh he was only throwing a tantrum in the honey aisle when she told him he could only have on five pound bottle as a snack.

So do you think I accurately covered the anxieties of  a mother riding her on a bunch of shifter/paranormal children?

6 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Bear Cubs Oh My!

  1. ha! I’ve worked it into my worldbuilding that my werewolves don’t take wolf form until they reach adulthood (and can think of a few other authors who’ve done the same!)

    As a mom of multiples, every trip to the grocery store is scary enough–I don’t even like to think what it would be like if they could shift into weres!

    • I totally agree on the werewolves not taking form until adulthood. I’ve got two kids of my own and I love going to the grocery store on my own.

  2. What a thought! And imagine having to keep your kids safe from monster hunters. Maybe this is why many of the stories of were-children assert that the child doesn’t shift or have those abilities until puberty. I used to think – how awful to add this problem to puberty – but now I’m thinking delaying it until then might just be a blessing for tired old Mom. 😉

    Great post, Chudney.

    • Thanks Charlee! The next paranormal that I write with children will take this all into consideration. monster Hunters indeed, I can see it now, poor mom not only tired but armed to the teeth!

  3. I always wonder what it would be like to be a normal mom, and discover your child is paranormal. Would there be a support group for that? 🙂

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