Paranormal Weekend Getaway.

My girlfriends / writing buddies are attending a mini con this weekend in St. Augustine Florida. (Quick shout out to Charlee)  We planned this a while ago and it took some organizing. Not as much as it would have taken if we lived in different cities, but we do live in different parts of Orlando.

Why does this matter? On the two hour ride up to St. Augustine , I was reminded once again of how different our personalities are.  We are all laid back to varying degrees but there are definite differences. The con we’re attending is based around the paranormal which immediately led me ask, just how would a paranormal girls trip function?

If say you put a vamp, a werewolf and a ghoul together. How would they travel? Depending on the type of vamp it’d have to be at night. Then would come the decision of who was driving.  I’m pretty sure that the vamp and werewolf would agree that it wouldn’t be ghoul due the slime factor, but then the ghoul would be concerned about werewolf road rage.

If all went well, they would have to have a house with at least room/large closet that was completely inaccessible to light in the day, which would mean they would have to rent a house or a condo.  Preferably a house since they probably don’t want nosy neighbors who notice such pesky things like the other two roommates only come out at night.  Or the especially large delivery from the butcher.

Then there is the matter of activities, presumably the werewolf would want to go for long runs, and the vampire might just avoid pampering at all cost, after all she wouldn’t have a reflection and the ghoul would have to go out somewhere where ectoplasmic slim wouldn’t be noticed.

It seems planning a paranormal girls trip is a little more complicated than I thought, because we haven’t even began to delve into personalities. I mean what if the ghoul really likes to haunt hallways at night and the house is an open plan. And where would the vampire feed especially if she only favors rarefied blood.

What I’m realizing now is that no matter the trip, you better be damned good friends if you hope to enjoy and survive said trip. What do you think?

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