Podcast Review: The Broad Pod

BroadPod100The Broad Pod is a podcast put out by Broad Universe an organization dedicated to the support of women in the science fiction, fantasy, horror and related fields. Broad Universe, founded in May 2000, host a website of resources; maintains an active mailing list; and sponsors rapid fire readings at conferences in which members read from their works. In the interest of full disclosure, I have been a member of  the Broad Universe mailing list for about three years.

The Broad Pod podcast is about two years old. Each podcast focuses on a theme. Topics have included Alternate History (July 2012); Animals and Nature (September 2012) and Magicians and Shaman (December 2012). A weekly guest host introduces the topic, and writers pitch in with readings from their work.

There are too many podcasts to cover them all, but I thought I would focus on one I particularly enjoyed as an example. Not Quite Human-Automatons, AI, and Clones (May 2012) is a neat treat, great for fans of science fiction. The host was Justine Graykin producer of the Broad Pod. This broadcasts readings range from hard scifi considerations of AI’s and sentience-such as Jennifer Pelland’s “Machine”  to humor mixed with adventure-as in Pauline Baird Jones’  “Steamrolled”. I particularly enjoyed Katherine Mankiller’s “Saving Alan Idle” an AI story and a fascinating reflection on relationships between programmer and programmed. The podcast also includes selections from Bonnie Lee’s Akuma’s Spirit and Phoebe Wray’s latest novel J2. I was excited to hear this selection, as I read her first novel Jemma7729 and was happy to note there was a sequel.

The podcast is still a work in progress in many ways. There are still experiments with hosting sites and formats, but the enthusiasm of the participants shines through any technical difficulties the podcast may have. Broad Universe as an organization has done a fine job of using social media to promote and support the work of many members. The podcast provides a wonderful way to learn more about some fine writers and their work.

Site: http://broadpod.posterous.com/
Twitter: @BroadUniverse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BroadUniverse
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/broaduniverse/
Availability: Site and iTunes
Audience: No explicit material, however many of the readings are geared towards adult readers of SF/Fantasy/Horror.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Review: The Broad Pod

  1. Many thanks for highlighting the BroadPod! Justin has been awesome about arranging the podcasts and sorting us all into groups. And thanks for the mention. They are fun to do and very fun to listen to. I’ve been in four of the readings and two Broadly Speaking podcasts. The Broads also try to host readings at the various SF cons around the world. I’ve met some amazing women since I joined.

    • I enjoy the podcast. I’ve heard all kinds of neat stories and excerpts there. I hope to get a chance to meet some members at a con one day.

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