Guest Podcast Review: TREKS in SCI FI

Hi everyone! I’m excited to introduce today’s guest blogger! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m a big podcast fan and R.K. is here today to talk about a podcast I am immediately going to go and add to my itunes subscriptions. Please make her feel welcome so she will come back and bring us more great podcast suggestions and we might even get her to talk about some of her other interests, too!


I’m R.K. and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be guest blogging at Smart Girls Love Sci Fi. I have always been an avid fan of radio plays and radio dramas. One of my fondest memories was listening to the now classic NPR broadcast of Star Wars. I followed my radio interests with a college station DJ stint. With this love of audio and radio drama, it was not surprising that I got hooked on podcasts. I love listening to others create shows tailored to their interests.


TREKS in SCI FI has been broadcasting since 2005. It’s creator, Rick Dostie (Rico), started it to connect with fans and discuss his love of Star Trek when the last franchise show Star Trek: Enterprise went off the air. The first shows mainly focused on Star Trek related news and episode commentary. Over the years, it has grown into a diverse podcast featuring media related to many interests of science fiction fandom. Each podcast includes an episode commentary from the Star Trek franchise, as well as some talk on current popular genre shows. TREKS in SCI FI also dedicates full podcasts to classic SF media. There are shows on classic movies such as Logan’s Run, Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, Enemy Mine and classic television shows, such as Babylon 5, and the Hercules/ Xena franchise. The podcast also covers collectible reviews and musical scores, sometimes with separate shows of their own.

Recently, the podcast has been opened to guest hosts with Rico alternating every other week. This gives the podcast a chance to deepen and expand. Many of the guests hosts are from the active TREKS in SCI FI forum making the podcast a truly community effort. The podcast is notable for its quality. Rico and many of the guest host have professional level experience in both audio and technical fields, and this shows in the podcasts.

Twitter:  @treksinscifi
Availability: Weekly podcasts, available on iTunes and Stitcher. (as well as the site)
Audience: Safe for all audiences, no sexual content or strong language except for those movies and shows covered which include such material.

Connect with R.K.: I love hearing about new podcasts and new stuff in the SF/paranormal romance field. If you have a suggestion for a podcast or a great new read feel free to follow at @mrsbookmark. I’d love to follow you.

7 thoughts on “Guest Podcast Review: TREKS in SCI FI

    • Please give it a listen:) There’s all kinds of shows in the archives and it’s definitely worth the time.

      • Appreciate you putting this out there! I have done about a half dozen or so guest spots over the last year and I love the community that Rico has set up. Introduced me to a fun new hobby. (editing the DS9 cast for Sunday that Rico and I did while I type this) LLAP.

  1. Great review and thanks for the positive vibes. I’ve been a guest host on around ten episodes of Treks In Sci Fi and it is always a pleasure to be involved and even better when you read great write ups of the podcast.

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