The Lost Colony Romances are back!

When I launched this blog back in 2010, I started with a week of posts to let readers get to know me through the books that shaped my love of Scifi Romance.  The second book I blogged about was Shield’s Lady. The post was titled: Can a great book kill a career? For Jayne Ann Krentz, this was the book that nearly did. She wrote it and the rest of the series ahead of its time. Later the genre would be a boom phenomena called Futuristic Romance. Jayne eventually returned to writing in the genre, but she never went back to the Lost Colony Romances. The books went in and out of print, but my hard copies all came from second hand stores.

Earlier this week, I proudly bought brand new e-copies for my Kindle. Jayne is the one author I reread often. Under various pseudonyms, she has many books to choose from in a variety of romance sub-genres. I just love the tone of her books. She says it is her optimistic outlook on life that comes through whether she is writing contemporary, futuristic, or historical. I just know I love them!

flame starfire sheild

Like many authors, Jayne had regained the rights to many of her old backlist books. With the new e-book publishing industry making it easier to self-publish, she has re-released the Lost Colony books and other titles from her backlist. The books are no-holds-barred trope filled romance and tons of fun. If you haven’t tried them, give the Kindle samples a try!

What old favorite books would you love to have on your e-reader?

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  1. Going to get them now! These were originally released before I began reading romance. They sound wonderful!

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