Four Saturday morning SciFi shows I loved as a kid.

I know the Saturday morning TV experience isn’t the same for kids today as it was for those of us that remember TV before cable, but those times were very special for me. I’ve always known Star Trek, Space 1999, and Star Wars were a big part of my early geek influences. I only recently realized how many of my favorite Saturday morning kid shows may have played a role in making me the geek I am today.

Some of my favorites:

The Land of the Lost

Just saying the word Sleestaks still gives me a little shiver of geeky happiness. But aside from the obvious monster and dinosaur appeal, it was also an alternate universe story. Did you know Larry Niven, Ben Bova, Norman Spinrad, Walter Koenig, and David Gerrold all contributed to the series! (Available on DVD)

The Jetsons

An obvious call to dream about the future where even the factory worker’s family had all the modern conveniences. (Available on DVD or Streaming)

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

This one may not seem so obvious, but don’t forget the time-traveling duo of Peabody and Sherman!

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

A live action super-heroine show that was techie enough to please any gadget geek. (Available on VHS! or in compilations of Sid & Marty Kroffts Saturday Morning Hits on DVD)

What were your childhood favorites?

24 thoughts on “Four Saturday morning SciFi shows I loved as a kid.

  1. Oh, my gosh. You brought back so many memories for me. One of my very favorite kid shows was Journey to the Beginning of Time. It used to air on the Garfied Goose show with Frazier Thomas. It was one of the most believable stories that aired back then. 4 boys visit the Museum of Natural History and encounter an Alaskan shaman exhibit. After getting creeped out they leave and take a row boat out into a pond that leads into a mysterious cave. The pond turns into a river and the further they traveled, the deeper in time they delved until they arrived at the beginning of earth’s time. I was glued to my tv set every week to find out what they saw next.

    Garfield Goose was a Chicago staple but I think it went national at some point. Thank you for reminding me of one of my favorite shows.

    • Glad to jog your memory. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasters–he said the word Sleestak and all the memories just tumbled back in a rush! Journey to the Beginning of Time sounds vaguely familiar. Think I’ll go look it up on youtube.

    • Hi Anna! I just missed the evolution of robot, mech, and military awesomeness that hit kids TV in late 80s and early 90s. I was off to college by then. (eek – did I just give away my age – lol) Didn’t get caught up again until my nephews and son dove into them. My son was a huge Voltron fan.

    • A few years back actress Deidre Ann Hall came to town to rally for Obama’s election. I took my mom to the rally because she was a fan from Hall’s days on the soap, Day’s of Our Lives. Deep down inside, though, I really just wanted to see Electra! 😉

  2. I still want a car just like the one George Jetson had. You know the one, in the opening credits to the Jetsons, where he got to work and it folded up into a briefcase? I so want one of those. When is that gonna happen?

    The Jetsons and Johnny Quest. Those bring back memories. Watching Star Trek with my dad.

    Still want one of those cars.

    • Loved those shows. Beedie-beedie! Star Trek Voyager had an ongoing halo-deck program that appeared in several episodes. It always made me think of Ming.

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