SciFi Romance Fan(s) Needed to Review Books for SGLSF

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The blog is growing so, assuming we’re all still here tomorrow, look for more great things coming in 2013. Starting in January, I’ll have a regular contributor posting about paranormal romance every Sunday. I can’t wait for you to meet her!

Another thing I’d like to add is a regular REVIEWS feature. I love to share excitement over great books, and I worked really hard this year to post a good number of book recommendations, but I’m not comfortable considering myself a reviewer and I never have time to get to all the great SFRs being published. I’m also being contacted more often with requests for reviews of books, radio dramas, short films, web TV, you name it.

So, I’m looking for help. Please help me spread the word. For those of you who like the blog as it is, don’t worry. This will still be my place to hang out so I’ll be here with regular posts, book recommendations, and stirring up discussions.

One or more people willing to contribute one or more review(s) each month. This could include:

  • Science Fiction Romance (futuristic, cyberpunk, space opera, etc…)
  • Paranormal Romance
  • SciFi or Books
  • Other SciFi Media (audio drama, short film, etc)

Note: I’d also love to have a contributor to do author interviews once or twice a month and one to do SciFi movie themed recommendations. Just contact me directly now to discuss.

Ability to write reviews that are honest and entertaining, but not malicious or mean-spirited. This does NOT mean you can’t write a critical review, just that you should keep criticism informative rather than sensational or inflammatory.

Basic knowledge of WordPress or a willingness to learn.

Must be willing to write original reviews and keep the full text version of the review exclusive to SGLSF. I have no problem with and encourage you to excerpt or write a shortened version to post elsewhere, such as amazon, goodreads, or your own blog.

A willingness to protect authors’ rights. You’d be asked not to resell or distribute any books provided by authors or publishers.

The blog is currently not a money-making proposition, so I can’t pay reviewers. What I can do is provide the books and or materials to review and the freedom to decide whether or not to review a particular book. I would never ask anyone to read a book they have no interest in.

Exposure or anonymity.  I’ll post your bio (or a reviewer pseudonym) and links (optional) on one of the main site pages and contributor links in the sidebar.

If this all sounds like fun to you, send the following to

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Types of things you’d be willing to review
  • Link to you current website or blog, if you have one
  • A little about yourself and why you want to review

7 thoughts on “SciFi Romance Fan(s) Needed to Review Books for SGLSF

  1. I wish I felt qualified to be a reviewer, but I don’t believe I am. However, I’d be interested in having someone review the manuscript I’m working on, when I finish revising it. (Or even before, since about half is now posted on my blog for that purpose.) Most of my friends tolerate my ‘oddball’ interest in SFR, but they’re not interested in reading it themselves. I’d welcome any constructive criticism from anyone willing to read what I’ve written.

    • I understand where your coming from and this is why I want to bring some reviewers on-board. I know there are fans out there ready to connect with great SFR!

  2. I wish I could. I just don’t seem to read as fast as I used to with my own projects hanging over my head. As a sci-fi/futuristic/paranormal author myself I am always looking for books in this genre or new to me authors. However, I did bookmark your site to follow in future. I’m looking forward to reading your recommendations.
    -MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott

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