Everything Old is New Again – New Release of the Daughters of Persephone Series

Back in 2010 when I launched Smart Girls love SciFi, one of the first book recommendations I made was for Julia Barrett’s Daughters of Persephone Series. The series follows the daughters of an exiled Empress and their loves as they lead a resistance to overthrow the oppressive Coalition forces. You can read what I had to say in the original post, but these books are being re-released, so it might be time to check out the new releases. The first two books in the series were released a couple of week ago and the second two are being released this week.

exile Return DOP_Reborn_500 DOP_TheRedDemon_500

I loved the books, so I was curious to find out more about the re-release. Julia was kind enough to do a quick Q&A with me.

Charlee: Why did you decide to re-release?

Julia: Much to my surprise, and everlasting joy, I received the books back from my publisher two years early.  Once the stories had been published, I really wanted them back.  I wanted to make them better.  The first two stories, Exile and Return, were written for fun.  By the time I got to Book Three, Reborn, I’d become very involved with the characters and I felt Reborn and The Red Demon were good solid science fiction stories.  I wanted to create the same feeling in Exile and Return.

Charlee: Are there differences in content?

Julia: Yes.  I took some suggestions to heart and fleshed out my heroes.  I made them more than props for my heroines.  I also toned down the sexual content, at least in Exile and Return.  Reborn and The Red Demon are still sexy, but I upped the adventure quotient in all four books.

Charlee: The look of the new covers is very different. Why/how did you choose them?

Julia: I love these covers!  I found the images myself (I’m so proud of myself!) – the models and the sword and the gold band for the title.  I worked closely with Lex at Winterheart Designs to put each cover together.  I wanted a specific look for the books.  Aja, in Exile, is a reluctant Empress.  Ennat, in Return, is a warrior.  Issa, in Reborn, is a tortured Empress. Tem, in The Red Demon, is a temptress.  I feel the covers reflect the personality of each heroine.

Amazon has been offering special prices, even free, on some of the books, so be sure to check them out.

7 thoughts on “Everything Old is New Again – New Release of the Daughters of Persephone Series

  1. The consistency in the covers is great. It clearly shows they belong together. That’s an aspect I try to keep with my books, even if they aren’t sequels to one another.
    Did you find any aspect of rewriting difficult?

    • Hi, thanks for the comment about the covers. I’m very proud of them. No, had no difficulty rewriting. By the time I’d finished Books 3 and 4 I sort of knew how I wanted to improve Books 1 and 2. Up the sci fi, down the sex, and increase the machismo of my heroes. Just some tweaking.

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