Awards, awards, awards! Can there ever be enough book awards?

I do lots of volunteer projects for my writing groups. I’ve made websites, planned conferences, served as a programs chair. This year it seems my thing has been writing awards.

PrintI mentioned a while back that I’ve been helping my writing group re-vamp our award for published authors. The National Excellence in Romance Awards are coming along nicely. We’ve drawn great reader judges and great entrants for a wide variety of romance sub-genres and all forms of publishing (from books published by big name authors with NY publishing, to digital first presses, to self-published books).  The contest will close to entries at the end of the month.

Also for this contest I created the website. The site will announce the winners, but I wanted to make it a little broader than that, so I created a directory of book awards for the romance genre. WOW! I couldn’t believe there were so many.

SFRGalaxyAwards_iconLast but not least, the SFR Galaxy Awards will be announced on the 31st. This is a brand new award and is a little different from most awards. The whole concept is explained over at the Galaxy Express today. What I can tell you is, there is no contest or competition. The judges, of which I am one, have been reading Science Fiction Romance all year and we each get to select up to five books to recognize with unique awards. We have everything from Best Worldbuilding in a Novel or Series to Best Alien Fertility Festival in an SFR. It is really going to be fun to watch as the awards roll out through the day!

So, what do you think about book awards? Do you ignore them? Or have strong feelings about how they should be done? I’d love to hear what you think!