Now the aliens are spreading their deadly viruses to Earth!

Recently, I posed the question: Why are all the women on other planets gone? I noted that this tragic circumstance often results in the aliens coming to Earth to seek out mates. In Galactic Inferno by Mel Teshco the aliens not only come looking for mates, they bring with them the deadly virus responsible for the death of women on their planet–only on Earth it kills almost everyone. What a screw up!

Luckily, a few human women do survive. Ally thinks she may be the last person on Earth. She and her dog (Bonnie) are on the run, moving from home to home in search of shelter and supplies and hoping to avoid the aliens that have been searching the Earth’s surface for surviving women who might serve as mates. Renate, the alien hero, tracks her down just in time to save Ally and Bonnie from a crazed dog.

This is the second book in the Alien Hunger series and late in the book we meet characters from the first book (which I did not read). That part of the story left me a bit flat since I didn’t know or care about them. Overall, I felt a bit baffled about these aliens at times and wondered if the first book might make things more clear. Despite those frustrations, the romance is the focus of the book and it was a satisfying read in that respect. The hero is kind, patient, good to his word—all things I appreciate in an alien hero. The heroine was strong but flawed and relatable. I enjoyed seeing them get a happy ending.

Genre: SciFi Romance

Primary format: Digital

Publication date: 2012

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

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    • The dogs is done really well and is used effectively to show that Ally is clinging to this one survivor from her past. More importantly, it is used to show that the hero understands this, making him a goodguy in the eyes of the heroine and the reader.

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