Falling Skies Returns!

Falling Skies is not a Henny Penny story. Nope. It’s a full on alien invasion drama brought to gritty life on your TV. I’m a sucker for the band of survivors, so this one pulled me in. Then they heaped in aliens, a smart-common-man hero and I was hooked.

This series has it all, aliens, cool weapons, the struggle for survival, a disreputable but charming rogue, family drama, comrades in arms, children in jeopardy, and even a little romance. It is set smack in the aftermath of the first devastating wave of an alien invasion. All that is left of us humans is a scattered army of resistance fighters and the civilians they protect. In season one the humans were steadily making progress in learning more and more about the enemy and their tactics, but everything was turned on its head at the end of the season with an ‘all is not what it seems’ cliffhanger.

The two hour season premier of Falling Skies will air June 17thon TNT. Last season it was also available by subscription at itunes and other places. If you missed it, I encourage you to check out season one.  There are a couple of free out of sequence episodes up on the website. And of course it is available for purchase in all the usual places.

Any other fans out there? I’d love to get some predictions going for season two if anyone else is watching.

11 thoughts on “Falling Skies Returns!

  1. I’ve never heard of it and now I can’t wait to find season 1 and watch every episode before season 2 starts! Since we’re in the same ‘hood, what channel is TNT?

      • Okay, Charlee-doll, I watched every episode of Season 1 last week so I’d be ready for last night’s premiere. LOVE it! 🙂 That little wormy thing they pulled out of Tom’s eye freaked me out. Then when it bored through the glass jar I thought it was going to slip into what’s her names ear, but then it FLEW away… Yikes! I haven’t jumped this much watching a t.v. show in ages. I’m loving the special effects and the acting is pretty dang good.

        While I wait for next week’s episode I’m going to watch Fire Fly since you and Abigail keep telling me I must. 😉

    • You would totally love Pope – the disreputable rebel who always saves the day. He gets a tiny bit more respect than Shane did, but they do lock him up regularly.

    • My wife and I started the first episode, but it didn’t quite catch us. Now, we didn’t get very far into it before His Imperial Majesty woke up and stopped all viewing for the evening. We never went back, which of course breaks our golden rule of series watching (give it at least 3 episodes). What is more, since we disagree on only a very small number of shows, I will give it another try.

      Tell me, how far into the first episode does the real hook begin?

      • Hmm… I think you might have trouble with the way the military aspect of the show is handled. Porter is an unfortunately troubled commanding officer. Maybe too much like the leader in SGU. But for me the dynamics between Tom Mason and his sons (mostly the older two) is what hooked me. That and I loved that they made Tom a military history guy. It is handled a little clunkily at times, but it worked for me. The father son dynamic starts to build around 12 minutes in when the oldest son asks dad to lay off the history thing. i imagine you probably got that far. The second son (who has been “harnessed” by the aliens comes into play about 25 minutes in. The second son, Ben, is at the center of the “all is not what it appears” hook for the first season and of course it centers the story around the ‘child in jeopardy’, ‘what would you do if it was your son’, threads that most folks will either love or hate.

      • I should add that the harnessing thing is the most “sci-fi” part of the show and goes much deeper than it seems on the surface. I don’t want too spoil it for you, so all I can say is …it’s very cool.

  2. I”l have to give it anouther try. Actually, if memory serves I was pulled out of it right around the point when the oldest son asks Dad to lay off the history thing. Was there something about a birthday or something going on as well (this was some time ago). At the time, i thought it was a bit heavy handed in it’s approach, but as I said, I broke my own rule of giving it at least three episodes.

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