When is it a good idea to agree to a mating with an alien you just met?

I’ll admit I have read a few SFRs where I was a little skeptical about how quickly the heroine walks into the arms of the alien hero, especially when she’s never before seen an alien. In Armor, New World Book 2 by C.L. Scholey I had no trouble believing Amy would agree to step into a space ship with the intimidating Castian warrior called Dask.

The opening of the book paints an image of a near future Earth that has become hellish and terrifying. Earthquakes and storms have ravaged the world and ash has blocked out the sun and coated everything in dismal gray. Those who were fortunate enough to escape have already done so. Amy and her small band of women are doomed to die as conditions worsen and run constant risk of being attacked by bands of men who have nothing left to lose. It is starvation that forces Amy out of hiding and that is how she catches the attention of Dask. It is easy to see why escape from Earth for her and her band would be worth almost any price. And that is really no price at all when Dask turns out to be a patient and endearing hero and the two get to know each other better on the journey back to a safer world.

The first part of the book ensured I would root for Amy’s survival and her happy ever after.  That part of the story reads like a post-apocalyptic novel, but the second half of the book is filled with enough techno gadgets and alien worldbuilding to please the geek in SFR readers. It is a bit like getting two types of book in one. The world building and character complications are complex and layered but presented in a way that is easy to follow. (see the blurb for more plot details) The motivations and emotions are believable and engaging. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I want to take a quick moment to mention that, although this is Book 2 in a new series, I read this book first and didn’t feel any lack in not having read Book 1. I did then go back and read it and I’ll discuss that more in another post. This series is trope-tastic and I think the first book is weighed down by that a bit while this one shines through it. So, I’m recommending this one first and looking forward to more in the series.

What I loved about the heroine: Amy is a tough guardian character and very handy with a slingshot.

What I loved about the hero: Dask has really cool Armor. When he is suited up he looks pretty much like your worst nightmare, but underneath he is all sexy sweetheart.

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Primary format: E-book

Publication date: May 2012

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