What is better than twins?

Two sets of twins!

Twins have long been a trope of popular fiction and especially romance.  One of my favorite long running romance series is Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalkers and two of my favorites in the series focuses on two sets of twins.

The series is about genetically and psychically enhanced men and women struggling to survive and falling in love. The heroes are soldiers who volunteered for an advanced training program and got more than they bargained for. They’ve each been genetically paired with women who were experimented on as children, years earlier. There are all sorts of plots, and secrets, and intrigue making their world a dangerous place and that is certainly the case in Deadly Game and Conspiracy Game. I reread these two books recently (apologies to all of the wonderful new books in my teetering TBR pile) and wanted to share my love of the Norton brothers.

Jack and Ken Norton are twins. They are both military sniper and they share a psychic connection that was made even stronger when they underwent the enhancement program. They also share a terrible history. Their father killed their mother and the boys in turn killed him. They both fear ever becoming involved with a woman, fearing they will be as brutally possessive as their abusive father. No surprise that they will both fight the genetic pairing when they meet their matches.

The heroines are also twins, but these twins area as different as Ken and Jack are alike. Briony was adopted and raised with love. She is ignorant about her own abilities and while she has a strong inner core, she is completely unprepared to deal with the violence that is much a part of the Ghostwalkers’ world. She is kind and healing to the brothers and a fit mate for Jack.

Mari was raised in a secret military training facility. She has endured brutal training and terrible violations to her psyche. Their story, Deadly Game, is the more gut wrenching of the two. The pair meet when Ken shoots her. Of course she was trying to shoot Ken’s brother, so we can’t blame him too much. But the harshness of their interactions is raw and edgy, but perfectly appropriate to the characters. They battle each other harshly until they give in, then their allegiance is unbreakable.

I love the whole series, but Jack and Ken top the list! The books can all be read stand alone, but these two I’d recommend reading in order.

They are:

Conspiracy Game – Jack and Briony
and then Deadly Game – Ken and Mari

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Primary format: Mass Market Print

Publication date: November 2006 and  March 2007

Publisher: Jove

Do you have any favorite twin stories?

6 thoughts on “What is better than twins?

  1. What is funny about this series is that even though it is a paranormal world the characters are so darn “human” with all the baggage of that humanity that it makes the “Ghostwalkers” people you cheer for and follow closely with bated breath to see where their stories will take the reader next. Unlike the very popular “Carpathians” that the author has created for me this mix of science, animal strengths and very complex characters is a more compelling reading experience and like you love the twins because Jack and Ken are what all men who understand there is a thin line between strength and brutality strive to be like.

    Charlie shame on you, that teetering TBR pile can wait a while longer as can totally understand why you would choose to reread these two stories.

    I do not have any favorite twin stories, my favorite family stories though are also penned by Feehan and that is her Drake sister series as just like the ghostwalkers it entrances me and keeps me turning pages to see what happens next long after should have gone to sleep.

    • Hi Jackie!

      I love both the Ghostwalkers and the Carpathians. The Drake Sisters are still in that teetering pile – LOL. Now you’ve given me incentive to shift them up to the top. I’ve always known they will be great, but so many books! I am grateful, though, that Feehan is a prolific author. I’ve had many hours of enjoyment from her work. 😉


  2. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything where being a twin played a major role in the story. In the only one that came to mind, the women looked so different that their twinness didn’t matter.

    Maybe I should read this book and see if it changes my experience. 🙂

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